25 September 2009

About to find freedom!!!

Just another hour or so and the task of tidying up will be complete - today!!!  I'll be so glad to get it all done - I'm NOT tidy by nature - I'll take photos when it's all done.

Yesterday I spent part of the time unpacking the cupboard again.  Yup, that's right - unpacking!!!!  I took everything out again and labeled each container.  This meant several trips upstairs to the 'office' where the computer and printer is - to type and print labels for each box.  I put one label on the top and one on the side.

I also managed half an hour or so out in the sun cutting up two beaded belts.  Least I guess that's what they were in the first place.  My lovely neighbour gave them to me a few months ago and I've only just got round to 'sorting' them.  One was lilac and the other was brown.  Love re-cycling beads!!! 

I've also finished off (needs sewing on) a handkerchief edging which I 'sort of' worked on while we were away.  I need to have something to do but which doesn't involve beads when young kids are around.  The hanky was my 'task' this time.   Not sure if this one's on my web site or not - must check!!!!  It's another 'one pass' type of edging.

All my lessons are now 'un-done' and packed away - apart from one piece which I will finish.  I'll explain.

When I plan lessons I try to get the techniques and difficult parts over in the first half hour or so.  I work up the pieces to several different stages so that I'm prepared if a student gets 'stuck' anywhere.  This involves several shuttles and beads at 'odd' stages.  I rarely ever finish them off when I get home!!  I unwind (or use up) the odd amounts on shuttles and re-stash the beads.  Apart from one which I hope to finish off tonight!!!  I'll show you!!!

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