11 February 2007

Distant relations, friends and neighbours!

New arrivals in the Tatbead family. Today we have the Goth twins (distant cousins). They are stopping off on the way to London and Sue Hanson. These have had several head transplants and now I'm reasonably pleased with them!
Next there's the Brownie who actually lives just down the road - a challenge from Pamela Myers!
Finally there's Harry. This is for our friend's card. Let me tell you about Harry. He's featured in many cartoons by the late Larry the cartoonist (another friend, sadly missed). Harry has wild white hair and goes to the pub round the corner every day to read his newspaper. I hope the items he's carrying look like the paper and pint he's so well known for.


Tatskool said...

Your Brownie Guide is perfection...I just love the detail of the neckercheif and the woggle.....but if she lives down your road she has a long, long way to go to Brownies every week 'cos she's an Irish Brownie!!!! more of a bluey really!!
Now your Brownies really are dressed in brown (and yellow).

Our Brownies wear all their hard earned badges on that sash, this one must be a 'tweeney' as she hasnt even got one badge on her sash yet.
Send her over to me, I'll soon get her up to scratch!!

Tattycat said...

Your family does, indeed, keep growing. Wherever will you put them all? I love the goth twins! You even got a chuckle from DH and you know how much he loves tatting! NOT!

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