17 February 2007

How I met a new tatting friend

I've been listing more items and Aero shuttles on ebay today!!
I will not be starting on a new idea for a few days as I'm doing some 'autopilot' tatting for a friend. Many, many years ago when I first moved in with Nick and was sometimes working two jobs a day to pay my mortgage and bills, I saw a plea in the Ring of Tatters magazine for help with tatting. I answered the plea and hooked up with a lady who was to become a good friend over the years. At that time she was trying to break into the wedding stationery market by making cards, place settings, invitations etc with a small piece of tatting to decorate them. This side of the business has gently pottered along over the years. As a sideline she started making similar cards for her local church and funeral directors. Through this she and I met some ten years later at the National Funeral Exhibition which is held near where I live. There we were surrounded by coffins, hearses, undertakers and all sorts of 'paraphernalia' in a huge, huge hall. It's a very unusual place to meet, I guess. Anyway, I'm doing some pieces for her for a few days so will put my own tatting to one side.

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Karen Martinez said...

I love your little community. They are so cute! I have visions of playing with these little people--the way we played with paper dolls! Looks like you had lots of fun making them! Karen

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