14 February 2007

They're coming to take me away!

I'm happy to report that thanks to Riet's kind advice the policeman has gone. Thanks, Riet, the cup of tea worked just fine. The problem was that a neighbour reported that young master Tatbead had been seen throwing his mother's special and much valued Georgia Seitz shuttle at her windows.
New neighbours are now arriving in the area - http://tinyurl.com/2l7ehb Pamela Myers has arrived with her Irish brownie (well, only the Irish could have 'brownie's' that wear yellow and navy!!!). Jessica's Polly Tatbead (based on the mouse) has arrived too. That beak looks quite fearsome if you get too close. I'd love to know if Polly's a talker - is she, Jessica?
A few days ago Sue Hanson mentioned that the men in white coats would be coming for me if I carried on living in tatland. What she doesn't know yet is that the two Goths (probably still travelling to London) have been on their cell phones and reported the happenings in the family. The men in white coats have now arrived. Heeelllllppppp!!! The story could end here!!!! They're coming to take me away to the happy farm!!!

Mother Macaria has sent spiritual advice too. That's something they all need. Don't worry Mother Macaria - all is now under control.
HEY, who's that just flown in? Does she remind you of somebody? Any suggestions? Who can suggest a name? I've got one idea which begins with an 'S'!!!!!!!


Tattycat said...

Too Cute! You have really started something here. Now you can let everyone else add their friends to the family!

Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...


Even with the hint, I just couldn't possible comment! How would I know? My lips are sealed... LOL

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

The only person that I can think off that fly on a broom is Harry Potter....not too sure about the female version.

Maybe buy

Jane Eborall said...

Nope, not Harry - think of somebody who has a soapbox too. Lives in London, runds HBT. Need more clues?!?!?!

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