13 August 2018

More gifts!

Well, well, well. I was given further gifts by Ali who said that they'd come from the same source. 

They came from the same lady who sent these.

I'm going to share these out eventually but all my findings need sorting so once the grandkids have gone I'll settle down to that job.

Interestingly I looked at the bag of gold rings (under and on the right of the blue bag) and initially thought they were jump rings. I never ever use those as things jump off! I always use the split rings that look like the ordinary key rings. 

I got one or two out of the bag and they didn't appear to have a space where the two 'ends' of the metal meet. I've brought them home (will return them if it doesn't work) to test them with thread. If the thread doesn't wriggle it's way between the join then it'll be a 'win, win' situation. If they don't work I'll pass them onto somebody who can make use of them.


Pigmini said...

Lucky you!!! Now if there's anything you don't need.... vbg!

Maureen said...

That's a wonderful supply of clips and things, you'll probably end up with plenty for your earrings, even if they aren't all suitable.

Jane Eborall said...

Of course, Pigmini - goes without saying!!! I'll never grow enough ears to be able to wear that many earwigs!!

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Happy Beaks
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