10 December 2014

Earrings with doodads.

Now I already have a pair of earrings like this in cream and black with the same beads and which I LOVE and wear a lot. The doodads are some that were given to me but I'm very sorry I can't remember who sent them. If anybody wants this pair (for the cost of postage + a little bit towards thread or a swap) then please shout. 

I've very few of these findings left and I'm going to make more before the mood leaves me and THEN I'll devise a way of making the same pattern but without doodads!!!  Watch this space!!!!


Pigmini said...

Me!!!!! Please Miss.... I need earwigs!!!!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

If you have extras, I'll take them. You know I have a shortage of such things. I love the black as well!

God's Kid said...

Those are fabulous!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

Yes, make them without those things. It will be more authentic tatting.

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Happy Beaks
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