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9 December 2014

Another start!!

Having made the Once in a Lifetime Doily in green and red I decided that I really wanted to see it in other contrasting colours.

So, off I went again on another one!!! This is the centre.


Maureen said...

Ah, well now - it can't be a ONCE in a Lifetime doily, can it? - maybe it should be renamed the Recurring Doily. And it looks great in these colours

Jane Eborall said...

You are tooooo funny, Maureen and I take your point. Will now re-think it's name!!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Fabulous colours!

StringyDogs said...

Amazing how the contrasting colors show off the techniques.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful!!! :)

Mouse^^^ said...

well I love the colors but I think the m
name needs changing

lej619 said...

Is it that hard??? heheheh

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, too funny lej619 and Mouse^^^!!!!!

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