16 July 2013

Shuttles, hooks and other 'stuff'

I'm pleased to tell you that I have 16 shuttles and four hooks (with hats) plus two of Sally's necklaces and a set of bracelet, earrings and new style brooch (mine) to list this week in my Etsy shop.  They will all go 'live' at 20.00 hours (BST) on Saturday.  This gives me time on Sunday to get them all packed and ready to go first thing on Monday.  That's of course, if they sell!!!!

There are four hooks (various woods) and the following Pop A Bobbin shuttles. All have hooks and have been oiled with Danish oil.
2 Purple Heart
2 American Black Walnut
2 Apple
2 Ebony
2 Zebrano
2 Cocobolo Rosewood
2 Cherry
2 Mahonia

Here's some 'eye candy' for you.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

More Pop-A-Bobbins! Yippee! There's nothing like a good shuttle sale to get the blood rushing!

Ladytats said...

oh fun, you will have a busy Sunday to be sure.

Unknown said...

hope you'll have a great selling week end, good luck!

wickedcrochetlady said...

What time is 20.00 hours?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi wickedcrochetlady - it's 8pm on BST (British Summer Time) which is one hour ahead of GMT. If you go to the world clock that will help you find out what that is in your time zone!!!

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Happy Beaks
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