1 June 2016

I knew I'd forget!!!

I'd forgotten this half written post was in the drafts of the blog so here it is!!! 

I carried on making the bells like the ones here and here but then had to decide what to do with them. This is a pretty bad picture but mainly because of that rare occurrence here - the sun. Also they all glitter and sparkle too. The round outer is made of a large brass ring which I covered in tatting and also included a hanger (also covered in tatting) as I went round.

I've added bigger beads to the middles to represent the clanger and there are beads on the outside too. 

I've 'got over' making them for now but will be returning to them at some point. I'm going to take them to Palmetto Tat Days to 'show off' as they're much better in real life!!!


  1. Pretty!! Now where is the pattern?? As for that yellow mythical thing... It's hiding in liquid sun here in Yorkshite!!!

  2. I like them! - but won't they get squashed when you pack them?

    1. No, they're in a plastic container with tissue to hold them in place. I hope that'll work!!!

  3. A single bell in the centre of the brass rings would make good looking pair of earrings, eh?

  4. Wind chimes! That's what I though when I opened up your blog page. Love those shadows! ;-)

  5. What a neat idea!!! :)

  6. Love those bells.


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