19 July 2016

That was close!!!

Well I managed it. Just about. I finished the second bracelet and will be taking it with me this morning. Lovely to have something to make that won't just go in the box in the cupboard!!!

Now I'm thinking of making some of my favourite bracelets (the starry button ones) to take to Palmetto. I'm taking the last of my little square tatting bags and some lovely brooches but really fancy making bracelets now. 

I looked up the exchange rate yesterday and nearly fell through the floor (that would've made a nasty mess in the downstairs room) when I realised how few dollars I'd get at the current rate. That's 'inspired' (or frightened) me into getting stuff together to sell in vending.  What do people 'out there' think of the idea or is it just plain silly to try and sell tatting to tatters?


Jane McLellan said...

Go for it - tatters appreciate others' work and would be quite happy to buy a bracelet rather than make it themselves.

Maureen said...

Your exchange rate is still way better than ours is! These days if I want anything, I have to buy it in Euros and definitely not from America. Of course people will want to buy your tatted pieces, but my personal favourites are your bags - of which I have a few!

God's Kid said...

I am sure that someone would love to have some of your beautiful tatting and your bracelets are just beautiful!!!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I know that I love the tatted pieces that others have made, so I'm sure there are others who would feel the same. I look forward to seeing you and your wares at Tat Days!

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