10 May 2014

Run, RUN

As fast as you can!

You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!!!!

Well look what arrived in the mail yesterday!!!! Isn't that a kind gift? It's from Pam in SC who has been playing with a Gingerbread Man pattern!!! 

It's one of the patterns I'll be teaching at Palmetto Tat Days in September. 

All flights and insurance are now booked and sorted and the fun will begin on September the first when I arrive in Atlanta for a few days with Crazy Mom (who isn't the LEAST bit crazy but kind, generous, brave and FUN) before heading to Tat Days!!!!

It might be expensive and a lot of work to take a trip over the pond (I'm being a brave OG this time as I'm travelling alone) but it's SOOOO worth it.

Next panic will be when the registration begins as I get neurotic that nobody will want to take my classes so I keep checking and checking the Palmetto site.  I know of two other teachers who are going to be there as they're mates but I've no idea who else has been picked!!!  Apparently the list will be out this weekend.  SOOOOO exciting.  It's quite mind boggling the amount of work it must take to host and run this event.  This will be probably my 5th or 6th visit and each time things swing into action and run so smoothly.  I can't WAIT to see my friends and make (hopefully - unless they run a mile in t'other direction) new ones too.

I've started packing already!!!!  That's honestly true.

9 May 2014

More achieved

So, nobody has yet guessed what this is so I take it you've all given up on me!!!!  Another row and another colour. 

Yesterday it rained all day and everything went a bit haywire!!! 

Firstly I played with the cat and accidentally she clawed a vein in the back of my hand. BOY, did it spurt blood!!! Swelled up like a balloon too!!! 

Next the black ink ran out in my printer (I rarely print stuff out) so I knew we'd got ink in the house and decided to leave changing the cartridge til later. 

Then we went shopping in the morning and popped into Staples - Nick likes to look round there and so do I. After grocery shopping and lunch I went to replace the cartridge in the printer but we hadn't got one the right size. DARN IT. We'd just been in Staples - another walk up there today, I suppose!!!

7 May 2014

Tatter in town!

The Eborall tours continued yesterday with a visit from 'down under' by Lyn Clemons and her husband!!  Lyn is another tatter and it was funny as we recognised each other from a distance.  Poor woman had seen my picture somewhere online so guessed it was me.  I just have a 'nose' for tatters who stand around looking lost outside the Birthplace!!!!

I forgot to take a photo until we were just parting and we were all thoroughly WET!!!.

Yes, it rained - torrentially!!!!  If we'd had a bucket with us we'd have collected it for them to take home but unfortunately we were 'bucketless'!!!!!

6 May 2014

For those who want to meet HMQ!!!

If you're round my neck of the woods at ANY time and want to meet Her Majesty the Queen then that can be arranged!!!! I am her personal secretary!!!

Here's a link to the video of her sitting in my car!!! There's a static picture here too just to cheer up this blog post!!!

I got the sewing machine out for my summer sewing yesterday.  I'm making some more Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks - some for a friend in America and will be taking those to Tat Days with me.  This is what I'm talking about for those new to this blog!!!!  There are a few still in my Etsy shop!!!

I'll also be making a few more roly poly bags and poke proof pouches but the old brain wants to make new bags after that!!!  Wonder what BC3 will come up with?

5 May 2014

Crazy Mom Tats and CHATS!!!

Crazy Mom couldn't have chosen a BETTER day to come to Stratford. The sun shone all day and the town wasn't too crowded either. 

Her Majesty the Queen picked her up from Leamington Spa train station along with me acting as the chauffeur.

Now, I hear you ask - HMQ?  Yes, HMQ sitting on the dashboard of the car.  Must explain that this is a recent 'jiggly' that a friend round the corner gave me (Joanie - they've arrived in England now and I'll be looking for the corgi too).  Crazy Mom (Sandra) also gave me a new jiggly For my 'jiggly' addiction (see link). which is the same design as the one Joanie sent me a while back but Sandra's has got a pink dress!!!! They are the most energetic of the jiggly family on my windows!!! Oh, she also gave me a TON of beads AND a present which I sent back to Atlanta with her!!!!  More about that will be revealed at Tat Days!!!!  We are plotting a wicked plot, the pair of us!!!

First stop we made was for an enormous cup of tea chez Eborall and then we set off for the town!!!

We 'did' Shakespeare's Birthplace (I'd not visited that for many, many years) which is a really interesting building. Then we grabbed lunch in a place nearby and finally got to the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried along with his family.  

We ended up back home in the garden for another chat with 'you know who' and Tilly who was very, very gracious and allowed Sandra to 'actually' stroke her!!! She's a timid cat.

Sandra's GOT to come back soon as we didn't 'do' the theatre or that area of the town.  So, Sandra's bosses, you NEED to send her to England again to work!!!!

3 May 2014

Lobsters are red!

What a stupid subject line!!!

I made this lobster which can be found here after a conversation with a young lady who is at a London fashion school doing a degree.

I've worked with youngsters like this before and it's great. I like to encourage anybody with any interest in shuttle tatting to use it in their work. Not sure exactly what she'll want next but her first love is the lobster which I did over Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Exciting day today - I'm meeting Crazy Mom Tats and we're going to spend the day together while I show her the local sights.  More on that on Monday.

2 May 2014

Pearls of wisdom?!?!?

Or not - that depend on each individual's opinion!!!!

Pearl tatting is easy and very fast IF you have 'the knowledge'!!!!  There are many ways of doing this technique but this is my favourite way just because you can so quickly 'tat up a storm'!!!!

I decided that as I may need this technique while I'm at Tat Days or later on my visit to America I'd better take a long hard look at the page I did a few years ago once again!!!

I'm hoping that this will make this method of pearl tatting easier for folks to follow so here's the amended file.

Oh, and a picture from that page just to make this post a bit 'prettier'!!!!!

1 May 2014

More progress on the mystery

Well here's the next round and you can now see why the last one was slightly 'odd'. 

 Isn't it clever the way the designer made this round?

So, I think the next part (and there's more to come) will need to be different colours.  I'll have to think about that.

Meanwhile back on 'Planet Jane' life has been busy.  Lovely weather for a couple of days brought on a rash of gardening and that, along with other things going on in life hasn't given me much time for tatting during the day.  

When I say tatting during the day - it's mainly working on the computer on tatting related 'stuff'!!!!

30 April 2014

Final T-shirt!

Before starting - please take a look at number 94 on the Tat It And See blog here. Thank you, Ladytats.

The last of the trio of t-shirts got finished over the weekend!!! 

This time (to save getting bored) I used the SSSR 'trick' (hiding a thread in the first half) with a chain round. Well, I used that for the neck edging but then got fed up with that and decided on 'just' split rings for the sleeves. 

It's just enough, I think, to make the whole thing a little less boring.

29 April 2014

An odd row!

Now to continue the mystery tat that I'm doing. Nobody seems to have worked it out yet!!!

Isn't this a strange round? The pink sections (note - another change of colour!) look like horseshoes to me. 

Easy round to work with 'just enough' interest to keep me going!!!  Looking at the picture - slightly to the left of the centre at the top you can see that the 'horshoes' are not very stable!!!!  Well a lot of that is to do with the way I flung it onto the scanner!!!!

28 April 2014

Come fly with me!!!

I'm SOOOOO excited. 

My lessons have been accepted for Tat Days in September!! I'm going over the pond to join my friends old and hopefully new on the weekend I love the most. Palmetto Tat Days. Here's the link to their web site.  This year I've got to put on my bravest face and travel alone.  Sally isn't coming due to other commitments - I'm sorry to say.  I know she'll be sad that she'll miss the fun.  

I applied back in January or February (really can't remember) as soon as they asked for teachers as I'd secretly been discussing this with BC3.  I NEVER, EVER presume I'm going to get a place there as they might not like what I offer - or me either!!!  I always work on several patterns to give them more choice and thankfully they liked what I sent in!!!

This now means that I have a few patterns which didn't fit their constant search to offer a wide variety of techniques and fun things.  Those will be going up onto my pattern pages over the next few weeks - if I remember!!!!

Just wanted to show you the final green t-shirt finished.  

26 April 2014

Green t-shirt

What I didn't tell you was that when I bought the yellow t-shirt for the eye, heart, T, A, T, I also bought two more as they were such lovely fabric AND cheap. You've got to realise this about this OG - I'm as 'cheap as chips' as the saying goes!!!!  Let me point out - that's English chips and NOT American ones!!!  There's a vast difference between the two!!!

If you look at the top picture you'll see that the garment has a sweet sort of edging already so I didn't want to cover that.  The first 'row' is simple split rings joined on one side (the variegated side) with a vsp.  I then went back along one side with a lock chain which lock joined into the vsp's.  Simple to make.

For the plain thread I used a 'somewhere around 50' cotton thread that I have in my stash. For the other thread I used a Perfect Quilter doubled.

IF I remember I'll show you the completed t-shirt which will hopefully have the same trim at the bottom of the sleeves too.

25 April 2014

Mystery changes colour

So, I got bored after the purple and I worked the next two parts in two greens HWT'd together. 

This was a nice easy relaxing couple of rounds and thoroughly enjoyable.

Next time I add to this mystery I think you'll find it quite different.  I'm not saying anymore so just 'watch this space'.  Not the space between my ears but the space on this page!!!!

24 April 2014

Eye love to tat

I actually made a start on sewing the 'bits' onto the t-shirt over the weekend but also had to undo and reposition twice. The eye was originally too high up and the two too!!! Then this picture shows the two re-sewn again but this time the '2' is crooked so I've got to take it off and do it again.

I (thankfully) abandoned the idea at the last minute of using fusible web stuff to hold the pieces in place before sewing - think of the pickle I'd have got into trying to get the 'stickiness' off when I wanted to re-sew!!!!

I also did this eye a little differently - not quite the same as the pattern. This is because in the pattern I used long picots which were cut. When I sewed the eye onto the last t-shirt it looked wonderful but each lash had to be sewn down in several places. That wasn't too bad as I've got a lot of patience.  BUT after many washes the lashes looked - well, manky.  This time I didn't do long picots - just ordinary chains so the lashes are sewn on with a black thread afterwards on this t-shirt. I'm sure this will wash better and keep it's 'good looks'!!!!

23 April 2014

More on the mystery!!

First of all I must say Happy Birthday, Bill.  Bill?  Well more commonly known as William Shakespeare.  Well I really ought to acknowledge the old guy as he was born near me and spent a lot of time getting into trouble around this area.  Does that sound familiar? I swear, though, that trouble finds me without having to look for it.

Now this next stage in the mystery may look exactly the same as the last time I showed it to you. Well, must admit I thought I'd got into a muddle when I looked at my files!!!

BUT if you look closely there is a row around the whole piece now. I think I found a small mistake either in the last part or this so had to 'wing it' round the ends!!!! Made BC3 work hard on getting it right!!!

I'm still pleased with it but feel that if there's anymore to be done then another colour will have to come into play!!! It's getting boring now - colour wise!

22 April 2014

Finally all components are finished!

Everything is sorted and ready for the t-shirt which is now found, bought and home!!!! 

Yellow is the colour I chose in the end and yesterday I pinned all the bits of tatting on so that today I hope to have time to begin the task of sewing them on!!!

In fact I may use fusible web to 'stick' them on first so that they are easier to sew and I'll then use my 'favourite' thread with which I have a love/hate relationship!!! It's the invisible kind - IF I can find it!! That's supposed to be a joke - invisible - find. Get it? Sorry!!!

Today I've uploaded the 2 and T A and linked them to the eye and the heart. Also added links to them from the eye pattern so all links SHOULD work in case anybody else wants/needs to do similar!!!

Did anybody notice the front page of my pattern site?  I've changed that slightly too.   I like to change stuff regularly - now, Nick, how about I change you?!?!?!!?  That was a joke too!!!

21 April 2014

Part 3 of the mystery

Just showing you the next part of my mystery. Any guesses yet?

Must go 'off topic' and tell you about our trip to the vets with our cat last week. Catching Tilly is always a problem and we had the usual 'catch me if you can' event landing up under the bed in the back bedroom.

Going to the vet is something we ALWAYS dread. There is on street parking nearby but you have to (a) find a space and (b) pay to park in it. The vet's do have their own car park but it's a nightmare. 

First you have to negotiate an archway which is just a tad wider than the car. Once through there you have a small courtyard with a right hand turn up a steep ramp to a space where about six cars can park. Meet anybody on the way in or out and you've got major problems. So between us there's always a 'discussion' as to who should drive there. It's only about five minutes drive and twenty minutes walking. We've walked in the past but carrying a 'cross' cat in a carrier is hard work with frequent rest stops.

This year we both had the same BRILLIANT idea. Why not use Nick's mobility scooter? So, that's what we did. I walked as usual and Tilly's carrier just fitted on the foot well under his feet. 

When we told the staff at the vets how we'd avoided the car park issues they said they'd never had a patient arrive like that before!!! Tilly? Well she was not impressed with her annual visit as usual but we now know that this is the way she'll be travelling in future!!!

19 April 2014

Next part of the mystery

Yesterday I decided to add a bit more to the puzzle that I set you here.

This may help you to solve my mystery adventure. There again it may not help at all!!!

Somebody somewhere in Tat Land must recognise it soon!!!

Meantime I'm pleased to report that I've found a t-shirt and will hopefully be adding my bits and pieces to it over the weekend.  I still know where they are too which is pretty amazing!!!!

17 April 2014


OK so here are the rest of the 'bits' for the new t-shirt!!! 

Thanks to Maureen commenting on yesterday's post I've also managed to find a picture of the original t-shirt which was/is on my blog.  

The real one is now found in a crumpled heap by the side of my chair - UNDER a load of other 'stuff'!!!! So, here's a link to it!!!

I'm going to make a really determined effort over the next few days to source a t-shirt to sew all these bits onto. I know what'll happen, though - by then I'll have lost my eye, 2 and TAT!!!! First place to look will be under the scanner!!

16 April 2014


That's the title of this blog post!!! Just '2'!!!

Here it is the number 2 for my yet to be sourced t-shirt!!!

You will notice that I'm using lots and lots of different colours. The reason is simple - I have no idea what colour t-shirt I really want. Oh, except that it won't be blue as the last one with the slogan on was blue. Let me see if I can find a picture of the old t-shirt. No, not to be found on the computer anywhere.

Let me see if I can FIND the old tshirt to take a picture of it.

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