22 April 2014

Finally all components are finished!

Everything is sorted and ready for the t-shirt which is now found, bought and home!!!! 

Yellow is the colour I chose in the end and yesterday I pinned all the bits of tatting on so that today I hope to have time to begin the task of sewing them on!!!

In fact I may use fusible web to 'stick' them on first so that they are easier to sew and I'll then use my 'favourite' thread with which I have a love/hate relationship!!! It's the invisible kind - IF I can find it!! That's supposed to be a joke - invisible - find. Get it? Sorry!!!

Today I've uploaded the 2 and T A and linked them to the eye and the heart. Also added links to them from the eye pattern so all links SHOULD work in case anybody else wants/needs to do similar!!!

Did anybody notice the front page of my pattern site?  I've changed that slightly too.   I like to change stuff regularly - now, Nick, how about I change you?!?!?!!?  That was a joke too!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Love the new look title for your pattern page!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Too cute!

Tatfully Yours said...

If get to change NIck then I get to change Dennis......its only fair!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished t=shirt!

Alexandrite Woman said...

I love it! You are so creative and a wonderful tatter. Great beauty from your fingertips.

Ladytats said...

That is going to be a very pretty t-shirt. Lots of lovely color.

Valerie said...

Love the new maskhead, if I can call it that, on your pattern page! Show your T-shirt! Oh, I know about the love-hate relationship with invisible threads... Heehee, I had some encounters! :)

rainbows and raindrops said...

Can't wait to see the finished shirt!

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