21 April 2014

Part 3 of the mystery

Just showing you the next part of my mystery. Any guesses yet?

Must go 'off topic' and tell you about our trip to the vets with our cat last week. Catching Tilly is always a problem and we had the usual 'catch me if you can' event landing up under the bed in the back bedroom.

Going to the vet is something we ALWAYS dread. There is on street parking nearby but you have to (a) find a space and (b) pay to park in it. The vet's do have their own car park but it's a nightmare. 

First you have to negotiate an archway which is just a tad wider than the car. Once through there you have a small courtyard with a right hand turn up a steep ramp to a space where about six cars can park. Meet anybody on the way in or out and you've got major problems. So between us there's always a 'discussion' as to who should drive there. It's only about five minutes drive and twenty minutes walking. We've walked in the past but carrying a 'cross' cat in a carrier is hard work with frequent rest stops.

This year we both had the same BRILLIANT idea. Why not use Nick's mobility scooter? So, that's what we did. I walked as usual and Tilly's carrier just fitted on the foot well under his feet. 

When we told the staff at the vets how we'd avoided the car park issues they said they'd never had a patient arrive like that before!!! Tilly? Well she was not impressed with her annual visit as usual but we now know that this is the way she'll be travelling in future!!!


Jenn said...

I am loving the colours for this :). As for pattern etc, I have no idea yet but I'm guessing it's a table runner? :).

Maureen said...

As long as it's not raining! - because to add getting wet to the woes of an already cross cat is asking for a lot of bad language to emerge from the cat-carrier. Reminiscent of the time my supposedly intelligent sister, having failed to find the cat basket when the cat needed unscheduled attention, crammed him instead into an Esky - insulated picnic equipment to keep drinks cold en route. And forgot that it was almost a perfect vacuum-seal when closed. That cat was very unimpressed and screamed his fury so loudly that people in the waiting room had to cover their ears.

I haven't any idea what your pattern is, I wish I could find it!

Eve said...

Looks like a tatting shuttle to me. Love the colors.

Adrian said...

I took our Treacle to the vet's on the bus once (two buses in fact, and the same home again.) She was not at all impressed!

We've always driven since then. The beginning of the journey is the same as to the cattery. She always relaxes when she realises we've turned off to the cattery. She knows it means she'll be pampered. :)

Batty Tatter said...

Your tat is intriguing, it looks like a bracelet. I've taken kitty to the vet a couple times. She managed to scratch both the vet and me all at once. Now I can get the ear mite medicine from him and apply it to the cat without too much fuss. Otherwise, we haven't had any need to go. Thank goodness.

God's Kid said...

All I can say is that it's beautiful!!! :)

West Pine Creations said...

I'm using all three guesses at once: bracelet, belt or head band.

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

Brilliant idea for kitty transport! Well done!

Tally Tatty said...

Jane, the colours of this tatting are very glossy and luxurious. I also like the colour combination.
I tried tatting with double thread before, and it was ugly. I understand now, that it was because I used many, large picots.
Is this going to be a 'watch-holder'?
Most of the time, I am sad because I can't have a cat (I'm allergic to them), but sometimes I'm happy that haven't got one, like when I read this,..

Jane McLellan said...

Thinking outside the [cat]box!

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