25 April 2014

Mystery changes colour

So, I got bored after the purple and I worked the next two parts in two greens HWT'd together. 

This was a nice easy relaxing couple of rounds and thoroughly enjoyable.

Next time I add to this mystery I think you'll find it quite different.  I'm not saying anymore so just 'watch this space'.  Not the space between my ears but the space on this page!!!!


Maureen said...

Today I thought it might have been something from the Frivolite leaflets by May - but I dug out the couple I have and it isn't. It's a very pretty shuttle-shape, whatever it is!

God's Kid said...

It's so pretty!!! :)

Tally Tatty said...

a dinosaur egg overgrown with plants?

rainbows and raindrops said...

I love the colours!

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Happy Beaks
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