17 April 2014


OK so here are the rest of the 'bits' for the new t-shirt!!! 

Thanks to Maureen commenting on yesterday's post I've also managed to find a picture of the original t-shirt which was/is on my blog.  

The real one is now found in a crumpled heap by the side of my chair - UNDER a load of other 'stuff'!!!! So, here's a link to it!!!

I'm going to make a really determined effort over the next few days to source a t-shirt to sew all these bits onto. I know what'll happen, though - by then I'll have lost my eye, 2 and TAT!!!! First place to look will be under the scanner!!


  1. Glad you found it! - and perhaps the new shirt should be purple - or yellow, or even red....... nice and bright, whatever you choose.

  2. I agree with Maureen... a BRIGHT tshirt!! I do so love colour!! LOL

  3. Hi, jane,I love your letter A. It is very well constructed, beautiful and in a lovely colour!

    You should not have taken so much trouble to find a picture of that T-shirt! We have all seen that one. It was on your blog, before you gave it a new look. I saw it on google images , when I typed in 'tatting shuttles' , 2 years ago, etc,..etc,...

  4. Ah you will have lost one or two of the bits before you sew them all on!

    1. Anyone would think you know her better than we do Sally!! LOL How many times will she 'lose' them??

  5. haha I too, have lost things to the printer!


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