2 May 2014

Pearls of wisdom?!?!?

Or not - that depend on each individual's opinion!!!!

Pearl tatting is easy and very fast IF you have 'the knowledge'!!!!  There are many ways of doing this technique but this is my favourite way just because you can so quickly 'tat up a storm'!!!!

I decided that as I may need this technique while I'm at Tat Days or later on my visit to America I'd better take a long hard look at the page I did a few years ago once again!!!

I'm hoping that this will make this method of pearl tatting easier for folks to follow so here's the amended file.

Oh, and a picture from that page just to make this post a bit 'prettier'!!!!!


Unknown said...

Just love the insisting that the core thread will never show up in the chain. This is, my eyes, pearl tatting.

Maureen said...

Is pearl tatting a bit like the technique you use when making a Maltese ring? - and I think you may have answered this one before, now that I come to think of it.

Trish G said...

Wow, this is so simple! :)

Madtatter80 said...

It's great when you don't want a curve in the tatting! nice instructions!

Tatfully Yours said...

Not sure if this is easier.....which way do you hold the needles?
(I think I`d better duck and run!!)

Jane Eborall said...

Easy answer Kelly. Throw away the needles and learn to shuttle tat ! Problem solved!!!

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