7 May 2014

Tatter in town!

The Eborall tours continued yesterday with a visit from 'down under' by Lyn Clemons and her husband!!  Lyn is another tatter and it was funny as we recognised each other from a distance.  Poor woman had seen my picture somewhere online so guessed it was me.  I just have a 'nose' for tatters who stand around looking lost outside the Birthplace!!!!

I forgot to take a photo until we were just parting and we were all thoroughly WET!!!.

Yes, it rained - torrentially!!!!  If we'd had a bucket with us we'd have collected it for them to take home but unfortunately we were 'bucketless'!!!!!


Madtatter80 said...

People always look so happy in those rain pictures, I wonder why that is?

Tally Tatty said...

How do you like ' Shakepear's tatting tours' as a name for your new travel agency?

Don't worry, It rains in Australia as well (on the coastal areas)

Pigmini said...

Now, I sent McVroom - my Minor Norwegian Flying Dragon that only flies in the rain - down there yesterday!! Did you see him?? LOL

Sounds like you had fun Mrs Shakespeare's Tatting Tour Organiser!! VBG

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, thank you so much for your time and it was lovely to meet you face to face. Wish we could have stayed longer but it was a very good decision that we went to see Ian's uncle, he is very poorly.we will be back ! Now is that a promise or a threat ? Maybe both ! Lol :)

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