14 May 2014

Fandango bookmarks

I'm lazy. VERY lazy when it comes to looking for new patterns to work on! I tend to just look around on my computer for something I can follow easily and that means I usually stick to my own work. It's not that I think mine's better than everybody else's - NO WAY. It's just that I simply understand my style of notation and diagrams.

Anyway, sometime in June/July a friend will be arriving from Tasmania. We've been friends since we were at school - secondary school, that is. 

There were roughly seven of us left in the sixth form who were mates and in the same class and when we left school we started a circular letter.  The letter comes round about once a year - sometimes more so that's over 50 years and over 50 letters.  The way it works is that you read all the letters from everybody, take your old letter out and put in a new one.

Over the years we've had one or two drop out (sadly one of us died) and one joined in but we were all at school together.  So, I wanted to make a gift for each person and I can show you what I'm making - bookmarks.

The friend in Tasmania is the only person online so if you're reading this, Nita, then there may NOT be one for you - or there maybe one for you!!!
The pattern is the Fandango bookmark worked in size 40.  


Maureen said...

What a lovely idea! - old friendships have to be nurtured.

Jenn said...

That is a wonderful idea to keep in touch with friends :).

The bookmarks are gorgeous! I am sure they will be treasured by your friends :).

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

How nice! I've really only kept in touch with one friend from school. We don't connect often, but when we do, the conversation picks up right where it left off.

Stitchety Grub said...

Your bookmarks are fabulous - I especially like the dark center in the top one :).

God's Kid said...

Those are beautiful!!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Great bookmark in the Fandango pattern! You always have about 10 things going on at once, and I'm so impressed at your ability to keep up with it all! What a great story about your schoolmates keeping in touch! I would imagine many still live in England? Tasmania certainly is far away - and sounds so exotic! You're certainly having a lot of visitors this year!

Marty said...

What a wonderful way to keep in touch. I'm sure they're all going to love their bookmarks -- because it's such a great pattern!

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