13 May 2014

Shuttle talk AGAIN and progress.

I hope everybody sees this. There's been a change of plan for the listing time for the next lot of shuttles. 

Instead of the evening over here we've decided to do it at 12.00 BST (mid day/afternoon) for the sake of the Australian tatters on the west coast.  There seems to be some confusion too over which Saturday.  It will be this coming Saturday - the 17th.  As there are so many this time I'm hoping that everybody will get what they want. It's SOOOOOO hard to pitch the right times specially when BC3 isn't very good at time zones!

Next round of the mystery done but it's nowhere near finished yet!!!! I need darker colours again for the next part, I think!!!


Ladytats said...

Good luck to those who want one. I enjoy using mine, and would enjoy another, but feel it is right to let others have the pleasure of these shuttles.

Grace Tyler said...

Thanks for the update, Jane. I really like the middle of your doily that looks like a shuttle! :) Hoping for one of the flat shuttles. I love the burn work on them and the unique appearance. Fingers crossed.

Jeff Hamilton said...

Apparently I'm not as nice as Lady Tats; Dibs on one of the Spalted Beech shuttles!! I love it when there are new woods available. I guess I gotta set an alarm this time, I believe it's 5 am for me. Though I know I've gotten up at 3 am to buy one of these.

God's Kid said...

Your project is looking so wonderful!!! :)

Marty said...

Oh, ouch. Five o'clock in the morning on the Saturday I'm in Las Vegas. Maybe I'll just skip going to bed until after that! ;) As for the mystery -- I still can't figure what it might be except a brightly-colored oval doily!

Ladytats said...

he he Jeff, I have at least 6 of them

Jeff Hamilton said...

I've lost track on how many I have. I know I have more than 6. I actually haven't bought any in a while since I have most of the woods.

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