12 May 2014

Shuttle talk

Coming soon - next Saturday at 22.00 BST (British Summer Time) will be a good selection of shuttles!!! There are Pop A Bobbin Shuttles and some very pretty pokerwork flat shuttles too - pictures below. 

I've updated the page with the shuttles on (see tab above this post) and we are offering some new woods this time for the Pop A Bobbin ones. There are 2 Spalted Beech which are very pretty and Ash and Sycamore which I don't think have been seen before in that type of shuttle. Oh, there's Olive wood too.

All listings are now done in GBP but should show up in your country with your currency - I hope!!!
I'm sorry but BC3 can't cope with 'out of shop' requests and due to the fact that we never know what wood 'im in the garage will have this prevents us from doing custom orders too.

Here is the list of what will be available. 


3 COCOBOLA ROSEWOOD 2 with hooks 1 without 

2 PURPLEHEART with hooks

2 EBONY £22.50 each (1 with hook and 1 without) 

3 ZEBRANO with hooks

3 OLIVEWOOD (2 with hooks, 1 without hook) 

3 OREGAN MYRTLE with hooks 


3 CHERRY with hooks 

1 APPLE with hook

2 PEAR with hooks

9 SEQUOIA (7 with hooks, 2 without hook) 

3 OAK with hooks

3 ROSEWOOD with hooks 

2 SPALTED BEECH with hooks

3 SYCAMORE with hooks 

3 ASH with hooks 


10 Ash 10 Sycamore

Top shuttle is Spalted Beech and below is an example of the flat pokerwork shuttle with picot gauge marks towards the tips for those who measure theirs!!!


Maureen said...

An early morning for us - but I have my eye on one!

Jane Eborall said...

How early, Maureen? I'm trying to get the timing right for the Australian buyers!!!

Pigmini said...

Snap Maureen!!! If I can that is.... VBG

Maureen said...

Actually - now that I have taken the time to actually READ what you've written, it's not so bad! - that's if I'm right and we are still 10 hours ahead of you. The earlier time used to mean getting up well before 5 am.
I could be wrong though, if you're on Daylight Saving or something - will check with he who knows these things when he gets back from playing with trains.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I hope I remember this time! I really NEED more shuttles. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too Early for me - it'll only be 5am here in Perth Western Australia :(

Phyllis said...

Oh that pokerwork one is beautiful. What a great idea to include a picot gauge on it.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I would like one of the flat ones. Will you be bringing any to Palmento?

Jane Eborall said...

Hopefully, Sherry but there are 10 of each type of wood going into the shop this time.

Grace Tyler said...

Yee haw!

Jane Eborall said...

I'm going to change the timing, Anonymous, so that you have a chance. Earlier in the day. Watch out for tomorrow's blog post and let me know if the new time will suit you better.

TAT19540 said...

Wow I'm in the garage has been busy! Counted @ 60 shuttles, will have to remember because I really don't have enough shuttles. lol (Diane and I really need more shuttles-NOT).

Unknown said...

22:00 BST will be 7am Sydney time.
If I can't be online for this, then I'm gonna ask an English friend to get them for me - really want one!!!!

Jenn said...

Maureen, if I calculated it right, it is 7am Brisbane time for us :). Good luck :).

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,
I was surprised to see another tatter from Perth, in the comments. Wondering if it's someone I know?

Keep up the great work.

Michelle B from Perth Au

Grace Tyler said...

What is the date? 17th or 24th?

Mel Dawn said...

One of the neatest ideas for crosses is a olive wood crosses from jerusalem. You can decorate them any way you wish!

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