12 May 2012

Big thanks.

I'm getting behind with other tatting things due to the excitement of getting rid of the doodles!!!  More doodles on Monday as I've had a lot of 'sillies' to sort out in 'real life' over the past 24 hours.  Yes, I do have a 'real life' when I leave Tat Land for a few minutes each day.  Fortunately I'm easily re-captured and sent back to my 'proper place'!!!

Two thanks today - one to Ginny for a copy of her 12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2.  I was one of her test tatters for this venture of hers and got to do the one at the very bottom on the right (a magnificent spider).  I couldn't finish either of the two projects as I didn't have the right size of baubles.  In fact I don't have any baubles!!!!!

The other thanks goes to Gunhild and Pimboli who sent the bag of googly eyes!!!!  The problem is that I now feel that somebody is watching me wherever I go!!!!  See the green case for tissues?  Well, Gunhild made that herself.  Love the wooden 'J' too and the note from both Gunhild and Pimboli!!!
Thank you kind tatters.  An OG is very happy here in her corner of Tat Land (and it isn't raining either)!!!!

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Margarets designer cards said...

I had trouble getting a bauble either, I found a dome to show it on and take a picture, we go away on Tuesday so I have scheduled the post with my test tatting on.

Lovely tissue case, and goodies


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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