14 May 2012

Man & Woman Doodles

Back to the doodles again and today I've got a little man and a woman.  I think this is an intriguing tat as it might 'stretch' the person making them.  Only a bit but it does reveal the 'darker' side of brain cell # 3!!!!
Have I told you?  I love lock chains!!!!  They're specially 'useful' for doodles I think.  More options as they're so much slimmer than regular chains and a lot prettier too when using two colours or variegated threads.


rsmre said...

Thank you, Jane. These are wonderful.

God's Kid said...

Very cute! :)

Sally Kerson said...

Agree lock chains look good and so do these little people

tattrldy said...

These people are so cute! I've been thinking of so many things lately that a little doodle is just right. I can see these in my future. Thanks! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Brilliant little poeple I especially like him.

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