19 May 2012

Another big thank you

Now you're NEVER going to believe this - two packages on the same day sent by the same person but a week apart!!!!  No, not that bit - that's easy to believe with American Snail AND Royal Fail post!!!  What you won't believe is the colours of the threads so I'm going to show you.  They totally and utterly zing a ding ding and in fact look even better than in the scan.  Jessi has them on sale in her Etsy shop here.  Well, perhaps not the exact same colours but another huge tempting range!!

I had to scan the one envelope that they came in too because Jessi (the kind OG spoiler) has a wee daughter called Olivia who is somewhat of an artist.  You can see my beautifully decorated package below too.  In fact unlike my normal behaviour (rip it open!!!) I scanned this before I  opened the packet in case I ruined the picture.  I didn't anyway so that's a relief - it remains intact.

In the second wee packet were some googly eyes, sequins etc - I'll be going completely googly myself after Guni sent me some t'other day!!!  These are different and have a small sort of space on the back (you can see on the bottom scan below).  I can see how you can pull a picot through that already.  See also the wee heart sewn onto the bag?  That's Jessi's single shuttle heart.

Thank you SO MUCH, Jessi - do hope you make it to Palmetto so that we can meet. 


Ladytats said...

Jess does have fun threads. and her single shuttle heart is pretty. I have one too with googly eyes, it is very cute.

Sally Kerson said...

That thread reminds me of candy, good enough to eat.
Olivia's drawings are so cute

rainbows and raindrops said...

ooo such a brilliant idea to make these little loops at the back of the googly eyes!

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