18 May 2012


Rabbits - or in this house, wabbits!!!  Yes, that's what I have for today!!!

Fortunately they haven't bred like wabbits (yet) and I hope they don't as I can't afford the lettuce needed to feed them!!!

Just read that last paragraph and I think I'm going (or, have gone) senile!!!!  Anyway, here they are - 2 sizes again!!!!!

There are more doodles waiting in the queue so don't go away!!!  Next week should see the finish of them all and then I have two more projects to share!!!


** jess! ** said...

:o) I am putting some of your doodles on my "to do (odle)" list while I'm on vacation :o)

Jane McLellan said...

Your doodles are very clever. I love the tails, of rabbits and squirrels. I'm thinking about trying some of your doodles as dangles, when I get a space. Often takes a long time between idea and execution!

Sally Kerson said...

This is one of my favourite doodles and have used them for Easter Cards.

Valerie said...

Oh what adorable wabbits! Keep them coming, I want to see them all.

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Happy Beaks
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