8 May 2012

First doodles

I'm still slowly sorting out all the doodles I made back in January and am going to upload them onto my web site.  The first few 'lots' will just be the ones you've seen before - but updated!!!    In fact I've already got a few up there already.  In some cases newer techniques have been used but in most it's just a matter of new drawings and an easier to read font with a general 'tidy up' for now!!!!  

Here are some more.  A few days ago I added the two caterpillars, the owl, dog and teddybear, the very small butterfly and a couple of more doodles.  They take ages to get sorted and put in the right places so please bear with me.


Gunhild said...

Ohh , I love the cute lilac-green caterpillar!!And the colored tail is need ;-))

Jane McLellan said...

Aha, I'm glad you mention my favourite pattern, the very small butterfly. I looked for it the other day with the other butterflies - perhaps I should've looked under doodles. Lot of work, we appreciate it, thanks!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love your doodles!

God's Kid said...

Great doodles!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Love the caterpillar , great doodles

tattrldy said...

Great doodles! I appreciate all the time you take to write up and diagram your patterns. I love to go looking through your patterns, sometimes just for inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us.

StringyDogs said...

I, too, love all your doodles. But, that caterpillar has to be one of the very best. I think it is the tilt of its head. It just makes me smile!

Thank you for all your hard work and for your willingness to share your wonderful creations. I have really enjoyed your work and am grateful to have the patterns to try.

Valerie said...

don't think anyone can resist these caterpillars. absolutely cute! in fact, the one with more beads is looking proud somewhat!

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