23 April 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday? What a pointless wish when the person you're talking about has been dead for more than four hundred years!!! Still, happy birthday, Shakespeare and happy St. George's day to all my fellow Englishmen and women!!!

Right, that's got that out of the way! Back to business.

This the first proper finished bag and I'm VERY pleased with it. Thanks to a tip from my friend Aileen over the inside pockets, it's turned out very well. Below are the pictures.

I stiffened the base with some very thick vilene which is washable and dry cleanable. I stitched it onto the bottom of the base so that it won't 'shift' between that and the lining. The holes for the ribbons to run through are double buttonhole stitched too. Inside you can see the pockets. Those have worked brilliantly.

The first picture of the closed bag does contain the scissors which fit in just brilliantly. More (I might add) by good luck than by good judgement. I think my scissors are slightly longer than usual - I'll check that out later.
Now I need to work up a few more so that I can work out prices.

I've got some fabric with sewing notions on and (I think!) some with lace bobbins too. They'll be my next task. Once I've made a few then I'll know how long they take to make. If I charged according to the first one then I'd be overcharging as it takes hours of mithering to get the pilot one made!!!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, The bag looks great!! OOhh I love the fabric with she seahorses and the fabric looks very durable. Will you be making these bags for Etsy?

Leslie said...

Great bag. Love the solution of the pockets.

Thank for reminding me of Shakespeare's Birthday. Happy Birthday to a man that has added so many riches to our lives.

Marty said...

What a wonderful bag! I, too, adore the fabric -- blues are my favorite and sea creatures are so fun.

Tatman said...

Cute bag and I like the fabric. I like using old used CDs for the stiff base covered in fabric. Good recycling!!!

tattrldy said...

I love the bag and the material! I'll be waiting to see how much you decide on, they look very practical (like I need that excuse!)

My son-in-law must think highly of Shakespeare as well, they named their son Mercutio!

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Happy Beaks
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