18 November 2015

This year's gloves

Now this year I decided that it would be quicker to knit some fingerless gloves! That was my first thought - not only to save time (although I'm not sure at my age what I'm saving it for - time, that is) but also to have some knitting on the go.

I set off using one pattern and then decided to go back to the one I used last year for yesterday's gloves.  I thought that putting in 'short fingers' it would be more comfortable to wear these than having no 'holes' to put my fingers through.  Time will tell and once it's told me I'll tell you!!!!

I love this colour - got the wool from Canada and it's easy to work with.


  1. I look forward to hearing what you think of them in practice. Lovely colour!

  2. Love that purple! It gets too cold here to go without fingers on the gloves. I have thought of making a pair like that with the flap that turns them in to mittens, but thinking is as far as I've gone.

  3. Hmmm... love the colour, I found a few years ago that although they keep the palm and back warm, the finger ends are freezing!! However that's me!!

    Time?? For Tatting of course!!! VBG

  4. Canadians need full fingers! Fearers of Frostbite!

  5. Now these are lovely and I am green with envy. My colour for sure :-) I always wear fingerless gloves or "Glibs" as Bo's named 'em... I don't have to take them off to do stuff - so they don't get put down and lost...

    1. That's why I thought I'd try fingerless, YorkieSue - just because I keep losing my regular ones!!! I'll let you know if they work (keep my hands warm) or not!!!

  6. I love these - the color is great and they look comfy to wear. I've crocheted fingerless mitts but not short fingered ones, and never knitted them.



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