30 July 2014

Another sailing boat

AND an apology.

First of all I'd like to point you to Maria's boat on the Tat It And See blog right here. This makes 96 sailing boats now arrived in the harbour.

Secondly I'd like to apologise to anybody who's made the windmill. There were a few hiccups with the pattern which (thanks to Pigmini) are now sorted. You can find her blog here if you want a good giggle.

Here's Maria's sailing boat for you to see today.

29 July 2014

WHO can resist?

Well the addiction to the Houtz book continues!! I just CAN'T resist these little critters!!!

I was talking to another tatter who has (hopefully only temporarily) fallen by the wayside the other day. Not inspired to design or to even pick up shuttles. I suggested that the poor lost soul get a copy of this book and play with it. 

I don't know what it is about making the bobbles/baubles but they're relaxing and challenging at the same time. I sooooo wanted one in grey like the Houtz brothers have in their book. So, rather than start on another crazy idea I made this guy!!!

28 July 2014

Gecko hanging finished

Well the top picture is where I was when I last showed you. Still mumbling over the additional flowers/leaves. 

In the end I made four more and those you can see on the finished hanging. It's now in the hall next to the front door. 

I'm hoping it'll 'settle down' as it hangs as it's got a sort of 'wobble' on it at the moment!!! If it doesn't I'll just add some weights to the bottom.

Well, as my late father would say in a VERY dull and boring voice - 'well, Sally, that's a good job done'!!!! No, in 97 years he never remembered my name!!!

26 July 2014

More pictures of geckos!!

I am still pondering this task. I am still not sure if it needs more flowers on or not.

These decisions take time as I need to be sure before I completely finish the thing. There's also the 'getting bored with it' factor which stops progress too!!!!

24 July 2014

What to do with geckos.

A trip around my geckos - part one!!!!

The gecko 'session' seems to be over for now!!! I finally decided to rescue them from 'the box' and make them into a hanging. 

As they're all different colours I wanted something very 'anonymous' for the background. I remembered that years and years ago I'd bought some hessian type fabric from Ikea and so found that in my stash. 

I started placing the geckos on that but it sort of 'killed' them dead. Then I remembered some gold diamond shaped netting that I'd bought for something else and which I'd not then used so got that out too. 

The shape of the hanging was easy to decide. Long and narrow. I decided to cut out a random shape to represent (sort of) a tree trunk for the geckos to run up and down. You can see some of them on these three pictures. All had to be stitched down (decided against glue or iron on web stuff) and that took hours and hours!!!

23 July 2014


Now for the story behind this windmill.  It's one of the patterns I submitted to Tat Days for their consideration. It wasn't accepted which is fine as I can give it to y'all (practicing for my trip with the local dialect) now. 

This little windmill is quite an easy tat and worked in just two parts. This reminds me of Dutch Delftware done in blue!!!! There you are, Riet. A pattern for you right there in The Netherlands.

Oh, I guess I'd better give you the link, eh? Well, here it is!!!!

22 July 2014

Windmill 1

This is a design I've had lurking on my computer for months. There's a little story behind it but you'll have to read the next post to find out what that is!!!! 

The pattern is ready but I'm going to tease you for another day or two!!!!!
I love windmills.

There's a very old one near to us which I've been meaning to visit for years.  Here's the link to Chesterton Windmill.

21 July 2014

Two more pages

After a hectic week last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I managed to update Gina's site over the weekend with two more of her patterns sent in by other tattters. Thanks to you all - you know who you are.  Here are the narcissus and  shamrocks which are now available here.

On Friday I had the great fortune to meet up with Kristen and Chris (her husband) who were passing through the town. What a lovely pair - pity I didn't take their photos but I do have her blog link to show you and I suggest you read it as it's a very interesting blog. It's called 'Tatting All Over The Place' which she seems to be achieving at a rapid rate!!!

It was a wonderful three days that I had last week and now this week it's back down to earth with a BUMP!!!!

Owch - mind the ancient head!!

19 July 2014

Cabone experiment part two!!!

So, after the last experiment with using a loom band instead of a cabone ring here, I decided it was worth another go at another pattern!!! 

This time I chose this one as I've always liked it and it's relatively straightforward to make!!!!

It's quite frightening when I see the dates on designs and it's good to go back and re-visit them in case they need updating or 'repairing'!!!! 

Again the only 'difficulty' with using the loom bands is the same as before - you need to allow the join some laxative (no, I know that's not the right word!!) to let it move if necessary along the band. Now, what is the right word - DOH, gone again!!!

18 July 2014

A bracelet

I've been very, very busy for the last couple of days so haven't posted. Bet you were glad of the break from my innate ramblings!!!!

Anyway - this is a bracelet I made for my Tasmanian friend who has been staying with us for the last two days. Here is the link to the pattern.

I hope to be back to 'normal' with another post tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll leave you with this 'interlude' post!!!!!!

15 July 2014

Gina's patterns

A few weeks ago a friend approached me and suggested that I could use some of my web space to showcase Gina's patterns. I'm sure we'd discussed this before and I must've forgotten!!! My 'remembering' has never been very good and as I've got older it's become even more like a sieve!!!!!

So, she sent me the patterns that she'd saved from Gina's blog links before they stopped 'being there'.

For those of you who haven't heard of Gina before - she was a very dear friend to many, many of us and I had the pleasure of spending time with her on several occasions.  This wasn't easy to arrange as she lived in America and I'm in England!  Gina was a prolific crafter and tatter extraordinaire.  She shared her thoughts and work on her blog here. 

Sadly she died waaaaay too young just over two years ago. Even when she was going through the trials of chemo and radiation she kept her sense of humour and hope.  Just after she found out she was in remission she got pneumonia and the outcome was then sadly inevitable.

This is my tribute to her (with permission from her family) in the only way I know and in order to keep my very fond memories of her alive.  If anybody else has further Gina patterns I would happily add them to the site.

The picture is the only one either of us took when we last met in Cincinnati.  Sunflowers always remind me of her now.

14 July 2014

Last post on the bag!!!

Now what to do with the loom bands that I made - easy answer!! Sew them onto the new jeans bag!!! 

I think they look OK but that'll have to do now as I'm bored with that game!!

Next bit of fun will be working out exactly what I'm going to do with all the geckos I've made!!! I know that I've got to do something with them or they'll be lurking in a box somewhere until I fall off my perch!!! 

So, first problem solved - what do I sew them on to!!! I found a lovely piece of linen fabric that's been lurking in my sewing stash for years and years. Now, what next? I'll be back with the next 'instalment'!!!!

12 July 2014

Another loom band experiment!

So, having worked hard at getting the pattern up for the loom band motif which is here, I decided to try another pattern.

Ah, but meanwhile after a few comments from other people I decided to try a pattern that I did years ago that used cabone rings. I was curious to see if that worked too!!!! Well, much to my surprise it did!!! This is the pattern I used.

Now I must mention that tatting on a loom band has a slight added challenge to the process!!!! Well, not really a 'challenge' as such - more that you need to take a little care with the join. 

Joining to something that's 'wobbly' (I know the word should be 'flexible') and 'sticky' means that each join needs to have 'breathing space' so that it can be moved if required when the motif is finished. 

This isn't the best of scans - I did it in a bit of a hurry. Obviously it may be foolish to press a loom band so I've not tried. I'm going to thoroughly wet it and then use my favourite stiffening method - white glue squished in with my fingers!!!!!

10 July 2014

Bag again

Today the front, flap and strap of the new bag.

I originally made the bag using the printed fabric but then decided it was 'too much' and then converted that into the lining. I love this print SOOOO much that it needed to be shown. The motifs were cut out of the same fabric and stitched on before putting the lining into the flap. The edging was added when the lining had been fitted.

Now there are spaces that need filling on the flap. Hmmmmmm, don't they just shout 'tatting' at you? Well, they do to me!! Wonder if the loom motifs will prove useful there - when I find out where I left them!!!

9 July 2014

Quick post today!

Just a fast one today to let you know that number 95 has just arrived on the Tat It And See blog here. 

Also to nudge a few of you who may also have forgotten to send yours in too!!!!

While I'm nudging - I noticed that there were almost 90 people going to Tat Days too - still time to come and join us.

8 July 2014

The answer!!

I nearly forgot to give you the answer to this question here!!!

A few were close and right with their guesses.

As you know I have a penchant for bags. Having them and making them! It's a sad disease but in my case - pretty cheap!!! Cheap as chips as 'they' say!! 

Here is a picture of the zipper pull on my new bag and a picture of the underneath of the flap. Why did I need a new bag? Well with my trip to Palmetto Tat Days looming up I needed something to cart my iPad, purse, passport etc around in when I get to America. I take a bigger bag as carry on but it's too big to carry with me all the time and doesn't have a shoulder strap either. This bag is made out of one leg of an old pair of jeans so it's REALLY cheap!!! More pictures when I've finished it!!!

7 July 2014

More loom motifs

Just two more motifs worked with the loom bands. These are great fun as I've got a packet of assorted colours and, along with variegated thread, they give me a lot of amusement trying out different combinations!!!!

I'm also currently working on a secret project which I'm delighted to be able to do. I'll let you know as soon as I can. 

It's daytime 'work' on the computer and also needs a lot of concentration too!!! If it rains over the next week I may get it done but if it doesn't then the garden and other 'projects' may well steer me away from it!!!!

5 July 2014

Now, what about these?

This is a set (bracelet and earrings) that I made some time ago and which I've since 'mislaid'!!! I'm totally hopeless with my stuff. Once a piece is finished it's of no interest to me whatsoever as I'm already thinking about the next idea!!!!

Usually I find 'stuff' days and days later sitting quite happily under the scanner's lid!!!  I know others do the same and that I'm not alone.

This time, though, it just isn't 'there'!!!  I'm sure it'll turn up soon and will apologise for it's lack of communication during it's 'missing' spell.  I know - I'll send for Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes.  I'm sure they'll find them!!!!

4 July 2014

Gecko pink cocoa

Here's another gecko!!! in Lizbeth's pink cocoa.

I'm sure you can remember that I went through a phase recently of making geckos and then I went off and did other things. One evening recently I decided to make number 12 and here he is.

Sally kept asking me (Happy Birthday, sis) why I was making them and I couldn't give her an answer except that I was just enjoying the colours!! Well, yesterday I decided what their fate is going to be. A long wall hanging with them all running up and down the wall!!!

Then, of course, I decided that I'd better do a few in size 40 and 80 to vary the look of it so that's going to be my 'fun tat' for a while.

3 July 2014

The pattern!!!

Before I start.  Just a reminder that the Palmetto Tatting Days registration is still open.  Do have a look to see what's offered.  My gingerbread men are excited over their trip!!!!

OK, here it is in all it's 'glory'!!!! The pattern.

Hope to see other ideas using Loom Bands as they are so cheap and cheerful!!!  Meanwhile I may have another try at another design too.  Long summer days are great for getting things like this done. 

2 July 2014

Taster of the new pattern!!!

It must be six months or so ago since Joanie first told me about an American craze for loom bands or rainbow looms. Well they've just 'hit' the UK and you can read a bit about them here.

We've even got two shops in town who have the bands and a guy on the Friday market has been selling them too. So, what's this got to do with tatting you may well ask?

BC3 (that's brain cell three) and I decided that there has to be more uses for these pesky little rubber rings so I bought a packet a few weeks ago. My excuse? Well, Abbi may want to play with them when the kids come for a week in the summer!!!! I convinced me, anyway!!!

So, here's the first design (nothing complicated) using these intriguing little circles of rubber!!!

I started off using a bead for the centres and then tried 'without'. A few beads, one shuttle, a modicum of finger tatting and it's a fun, easy tat. I will get the pattern finished off today and uploaded tomorrow.

1 July 2014

Another technique page

Yet another for your use - if you should ever need it. This is the mock ring with a bead - hey diddle diddle right in the middle!!!

Now the reason for this mini splurge of techniques is cause I hadn't got them drawn up until now and that was mainly because I'd not really 'needed' them!!!

I have a new design which I'm hoping to get sorted before the end of the week  and which will involve one or both of these new techniques AND something that tickles me pink too!!!!

It's to do with - well, no, I'm not going to spill the beans. I'm going to make you all WAIT for a day or two!!! Aren't I cruel?

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