30 July 2014

Another sailing boat

AND an apology.

First of all I'd like to point you to Maria's boat on the Tat It And See blog right here. This makes 96 sailing boats now arrived in the harbour.

Secondly I'd like to apologise to anybody who's made the windmill. There were a few hiccups with the pattern which (thanks to Pigmini) are now sorted. You can find her blog here if you want a good giggle.

Here's Maria's sailing boat for you to see today.


Maureen said...

Even after all this time I can still see the Garden Gnomes - leaning against the mast! Maybe the sea is rough.

Pigmini said...

Hmm... think I may just have to change my name... PigminiGiggle??

And all I did folks was to 'point out' a couple of very minor hiccups .... as you do!! VBG

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm so impressed with Maria's boat! She just learned to tat in March! Working with two shuttles, doing split rings, SCMR. Amazing and wonderful!

Pigmini's blog is a hoot!

Pigmini said...

Thanks Kathy!! And Well Done to Maria!!

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Happy Beaks
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