23 April 2019

A new craft bag

Now this is a new craft tote bag I’ve been making. I’ve got enough fabric for several and will be taking them to Palmetto to try and sell.

Why ‘craft tote bags’? Well they’re different from shopping totes as they are padded and therefore stand up on their own. I use mine a lot for carrying round my tatting projects (or other crafts too) and also use a handbag hanger so the bag can hang under the table I’m sitting at. Here are some hangers like mine.

The bottom of the bag is reinforced with heavy duty stiffener too so the bag keeps it’s shape.  It’s taken me a while to make this one so I’m hoping the others maybe a little faster.  The black trim was a small bit of inspiration to make the bag look a bit ‘posher’!!!!

What do you think?


Jane McLellan said...

A good sturdy bag, made with fabulous fabric, I'm sure it'll be a hit!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very posh!

Crazy Mom! said...

You succeeded - quite posh! Well done ma'am!

craftie sylvie said...

Love it! Shape, fabrics, and poshness :)

God's Kid said...

It's a great bag!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Beautiful work🌹

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Happy Beaks
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