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13 July 2020

Moaning Monday

This time I'm going to tell you a TRUE story!

I was browsing through Etsy just before last weekend and found that a seller was making and selling items made from one of my little patterns.  I wrote and asked her to kindly remove it from her shop as I had a Creative Commons License on my work.  

Well the lady did apologise and take the items down but the conversation then got a bit more 'difficult' when she designed an item which looked EXACTLY like mine (just a picot where there was once a small chain) and using the same stitch count, beads  and another design element in 'hers'.  I pointed out that this was indeed not acceptable as copyright/intellectual property doesn't allow this type of 'alteration' to be called a 'new design'.

To my astonishment the Creative Commons Licence people were then brought into the discussion by the seller about my license.  I'm pleased to say that they came down on my side having checked how long the licence has been in operation by using the wayback machine.  

Much to my amusement this shop owner has now got an identical looking item back in her shop but this time it's done in crochet.  It's not got 'quite' the appeal of the tatted one.  

Hopefully I've probably (inadvertently) helped this lady on the road to becoming a crochet designer.  I just hope she doesn't decide to tread on my toes again!!!!  Seller BEWARE!!!

Nothing to do with the above but I can't put a post out without a picture!!  An old school photo when I was about seven!!!  Still look scruffy to this day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Smart looking girl you were, and pretty too!

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, anonymous. You’re very kind.

Jane McLellan said...

Well, hopefully she's learnt something! Good to know that your licence was helpful.

Maureen said...

Seven is a significant age. The Jesuits say " Give me a child until he/ she is seven and I will give you the man- or woman". I can see in the determination in that lovely old photo.

Elizabeth said...

I think it is so cute. Love it. I will have to post mine around that time and you can see all my ringlets.

Tim Kaylor said...

And I have seen you behave as if you were still seven. Never change.
And i am glad the dispute was worked out.

Jane Eborall said...

I fear not, Jane. I think she’s the sort who will never learn.
I’ve always been a determined person and this was taken a few years before I learned to tat!!!!
Thanks, Elizabeth - looking forward to seeing yours with your ringlets.
Tim - ME? Misbehave? I think you must be mixing me up with somebody else!!!! As for the dispute - I’m not sure it is but I have noticed that she’s now started crediting the designers of the patterns she’s using so that’s a step forward.

Anonymous said...

yay! how dare she copy your fabulous work! cute girl here in the picture.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks anonymous but that cute little girl was a proper tomboy and forever getting into trouble too!!!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You do look adorable, but I detected a tomboy, too, and I'm amazed you settled into doing needlework at such a young age. I do recall being very active as a child with my bike and roller skates and doing endless somersaults, but I could also sit still for a long time either coloring or reading books. And I really took to machine sewing and knitting at 12. Actually today I can't 'run' at all! I seem to have lost that ability in my 50s!!

Glad you pursued your rights Amusing she is now crocheting! Glad you were backed up by the license people.

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