19 October 2021

This time it's a hat!

This is a hat to go with the pair of gloves I made.  
A year or so ago I made myself a hat but the pattern I used wasn't 'in the round' so had to be stitched up when it was finished.  I tried and tried to find the pattern I used but in the end I gave up.  So I counted the stitches I'd used on my original hat and decided to knit this one to the same size.

I haven't got a circular needle short enough to use so in the end decided to go with double ended ones which I do love using.

A good start has been made as you can see but I still wanted to find a way of making the crown and needed to know how and when to decrease!!!   Finally I found this pattern and it's also got the stitch count for the size I'm knitting!!  Really chuffed about this!!!


Pigmini said...

You replacing the shuttle click with the needle click??? Like the pattern!!

Mary J said...

You tube 'magic loop knitting'. For how to knit few stitches on a circular needle.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks Mary J. I’ll look that up as soon as I’ve fixed my friend’s phone problems, You’re a star.

linb54 said...

great job! absolutely love that color too!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Just seen your suggestion, Mary J. That’s an amazing way to do that with a circular needle. Thanks again for the information - much appreciated.

God's Kid said...

You should be nice and warm this winter! :)

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Happy Beaks
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