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28 January 2015

Day 9 and a mouse

Well here is another new member of the Exclusive Tatting Club.

This time it's my friend Sue - also known as Pigmini. Her mouse arrived yesterday evening in a search for cheese, I think.

This is an unusual mouse as it's an albino one. If you go to this page you'll see him/her in the exclusive section of the club!!!

27 January 2015

Another associate member

Yesterday was again thankfully busy with the TIAS but I'm going to hang back with day 9 until Wednesday to give the stragglers time to catch up. Also it gives me a day or two to catch up with myself too!!!!

Yesterday morning I had another application to join the Exclusive Tatting Club - see the page above this post. This time it was from Kristen who sent in a bauble so now becomes an associate member. I bet we'll soon be seeing her mouse!!!!

She says:
"I would like to apply for an Associate Membership in your exclusive club with this, my very first bauble attempt!!"
I hope to see you in the Exclusive club shortly, Kristen!

26 January 2015

Do you like pink?

Now I DO like pink!!! Any sort of pink will do but pink it's got to be. Another chicken wing coaster for you to see.  Actually any bright colour is a favourite!!!

I am doing other things but with the Tat It And See taking a lot of time (which I LOVE) there isn't much left to do new things. 

I am trying to develop another pattern from the TIAS one and have been working on the new version since before the game started. I just find that some days BC3 just won't cooperate!!!!

25 January 2015

Day 8

Just thought you'd like to know that I've been tatting along this year too!!! Well, I usually tat with everybody so I can help people out if they need it. Here's my offering!!!

24 January 2015

More of the same!

Day 8 tomorrow!

Well here's another coaster. I'm afraid I'm going through a 'just playing with colours' phase at the moment with no real reason!! I think it's cause the Tat It And See is stopping me concentrating on one thing for very long. 

The thread for this one is Pansy by Yarnplayer (that's the pretty one) along with a plain something or other. Least I THINK I've got that right!!! Not sure what size this is but it's probably 20 but there again it could be 40. Sheeeeesh, I wish I had a brain that could do 'remembering' properly.

Having said that I'm 'just playing' - I am also working on another old pattern on my site as it's one that I love but could never quite explain the final join on the second motif. That's caused me hours of struggling to 'get it right' which I hope I'll eventually manage!!!

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Happy Beaks
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