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27 May 2016

Final twelve coasters

Here are more coasters - another twelve. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed making them but I'm now thinking of placemats!!! Why? Well the ones we've got are looking very elderly and faded. Not that we use them a lot but They have seen better days.

26 May 2016

I keep forgetting!!

Not just my name and where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing but also what I'm working on!!!!

Suddenly found this which I'd forgotten about and have now finished the third round!!! Meanwhile I have been working on the square one as well. It really is an addiction!!!

24 May 2016

New pattern uploaded

First of all - check out the TIAS blog if you've got time.  Another rabbit and two pairs of scissors have arrived.  Here's the link. 

Now it was Pigmini (with the help of her DH) who suggested the name for this design. I'm totally hopeless at thinking of names as you've probably gathered over the years. I decided to run with this as I thought it was darn good and reflected the 'look' of the single hexagon. 

It's called the Passion Flower Motif.

Quite a versatile idea as it can be used many ways. As a simple pendant (I would add beads to the outside if I did that) or as an ever growing (or not!) doily. I used all three versions in this final test but obviously any combination can be used by just using one of the versions or .......

23 May 2016

A pretty useless technique!

Now the new pattern I'm working on needs the tatter to join a final split ring to a first split ring. 

Don't know about you but I find this can be a bit 'messy' so I settled down to try and resolve this issue. It works well for me but not sure how many times it may be needed.  

I only try new things out when I absolutely need them.  I don't go 'looking' for problems - they find me!!!

I have a feeling that this maybe useful in other situations but I can't think what at the moment!!!

Anyway, just in case you should need it - here's the link.

21 May 2016

Another round added

Here's round two finished. I do wish I could kick this addiction to making Fandango doilies!!!! It's really, really NOT me making doilies as I'd never ever use them!

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Happy Beaks
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