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28 July 2015

Day 7 - shuttles

I think this is the best of the shuttles that I won on that Ebay listing. In fact, I'll admit, this is the one I had my beady eye on in the first place.

I do have a very similar one already which I'll show you sitting next to this another day. 

I wonder how old it is? Pretty old, I think.

27 July 2015

Round 8 finished

There you are!!! Round 8 of the Jan doily done and dusted. 

I've been trying to understand myself and this addiction. 

Is it because it's an easy tat with the added frisson of working out the bead placements and the actual stitch count? Or is it because I'm not really worrying about it?

All I really know is that I can't put it down. I've a new design which I really ought to be working on but whenever I sit down I choose the doily!!! Maybe I'll give up on designing and just stick to tatting which is what I mainly did for the first thirty to forty or so years.

25 July 2015

Day 6 - shuttles

Now today I'm showing you this metal shuttle. I've got some metal ones that I bought years ago but this one looks as if it may have been plated. I'll never use it and count it as a 'bonus' for the accidental collection!!!

24 July 2015

Day 4 - shuttles

Today's shuttle is another pretty wooden one. This time there's a pheasant on one side and a blue tit on the other.

People seemed to think that yesterday's flowers were hand painted and I should think these are too but await further comments if you've got time.

23 July 2015

Day 3 - shuttles

This shuttle (again wooden) has a very, very pretty Iris flower on one side and an oriental poppy on the other. 

I am not an expert on these things so have no idea if they're hand painted or are transfers. HELP?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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