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3 July 2015

Round 5 - done!!!

At last I've finished round 5 of the Jan doily. No picture, I'm afraid as I've just started in on round 6!!!  I'll just show you earlier progress - to keep you interested and stop you going to sleep!!!

Round 6 should be easy as it's quite straightforward.  Simply rings and chains like round 4.

I'm getting more done at the moment due to the heatwave and sitting around at the rehab hospital near Leamington. Not a family member, thankfully, but sadly a really lovely neighbour.

I'll show you pictures of round 6 when I get it underway.

2 July 2015

Two new bags

I sold one of my square tatting bags on Monday (or was it Tuesday?).  Oh, it was Tuesday!!!

To celebrate that event I've listed two more which were waiting in 'drafts' on the Etsy site. Sometimes I can't believe how organised I can be!!!  In fact I amaze myself!!!  

Once I've sold a few more I'll have the incentive to play with the new fabric that Crazy Mom Tats kindly gave me.  Just need to think it's worthwhile before I start.  Do you need a push sometimes?  I need more than a push - a shove would be a better description!!

So, here they are in all their glory (below) and here's the link to the shop.

1 July 2015

Sewn and sorted!!

Well, just the one!!!

With all this heat and the loft project still ongoing I've not had time to get to the sewing machine. Yesterday I called a halt to the loft and decided to sew down the pieces of fabric. Well, I got one done before I dissolved in a puddle of water. Old git water!!! Not a pleasant sight.

Still I'll tackle the other one another day as today I'm going to be out during the middle of the day. Where does time go?

29 June 2015

A reminder

Now I've not got a lot to show at the moment. Mainly because I'm sorting out the loft in our house. 

Why is it that houses have those spaces where you can 'put stuff'? It's so tempting to do just that - put it somewhere in case you need it again. What are the odds of that happening? Well we've decided that a lot of those things must go. I'm spending hours up in the hot loft sorting and chucking things down and then putting them in the car and taking them to the tip.

For that reason little has been done either in the sewing or tatting part of my life. Well, that's a bit of a lie as I am working on two new ideas but neither are in a state that can be shared!!!

Just to cheer you up - here's a link to my sister's giveaway. Don't forget to enter it.

27 June 2015

The right side!

Here are the right sides of the projects I showed you yesterday!!! 

For those who know me (and some of you guessed yesterday) you'll probably have realised by now that these are going to be 'scrap bags'. All the leftovers from the squared away bags didn't get thrown away - they're currently being re-cycled into this project.

I've just looked it up and it's three years since I last made similar bags - they're shopping or tote bag sized.  In fact you can see the series that I made here.

Now, one of those bags I kept for myself and that one has been used almost everyday of it's life. It's my 'take into town' bag - and I go there most days. It's still looking really good and doesn't need replacing (it's just had another 'bath' courtesy of the washing machine) but I MAY well keep one of these two new ones as Etsy isn't doing very well with the square bags. Perhaps it's time to retire from being a 'bag lady'. 

Now, who said I'm no lady, I heard you. Bet it was Pigmini!!!.  Most folk who know me will tell you that I'm no lady - I'm an old git and proud of it!!!

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