19 June 2006

Sad day - lost an elephant!

Well what a day. I've spent ages looking for a trial elephant (a baby one) this morning so finally gave in and made another. The last one had leg problems (perhaps that's why it's hoofed it) and the ears weren't quite right. Think this one is nearly, nearly OK. All made in one with no cutting and tying til you get to the end. The ear lies on top of the body and can be flapped open if wanted.
Anyway instead of nattering - here it is!!!


Needledreams said...

It's so cute! I'm sorry about the lost one. May be you need to go in a safari to find it. :-)

Gina said...

Ah, I wondered where the onion ring was....covered by the ear I see...why not an onion ring ear also? Two onion rings together, bigger one on top to make the shape..or does that get too big then?

:-) Gina

Ridgewoman said...

I loved making this little elephant. Twice! One is residing with Zena in Moracambe and the other with Kris in California! It was my first attempts at onion ring and learning to do mock picots. I plan to tat more of these in differnt size threads. A nice project for a 'newbie' to learn from.
X Beverly

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