20 July 2006

Finished the MAT!!!!

At long last and this is the final round. The garden mat is finished. It measures 26" from 'point to point' and 22" from side to side.


Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Jane....I just love your mat...it is sooo beautiful. If you get sick of looking at it...you could always send it to my side of the big pond...it would look so pretty on my table. LOL!!!

Needledreams said...

Oh WOW!!! It looks so pretty and everything looks where it belongs. This is a wonderful way to use the scraps of thread. I'm thinking in making something like that with the exchange threads.

Anonymous said...

Jane, soooo beautifull! Thanks for sharing. I need ask, since I'm not a great tatter as you are, the motifs are the same, or are some variations on them that my not trained eyes dont get? Kisses. Gilma, from Brasil. PS.: if sometime the mat complains against cold, send it to a very warm place - my house lol.

monkeemaven-fruitcakeknits said...


Tatting-Diana said...

Your tatting is beautiful. I always love seeing what you've made.

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