17 September 2006

A Bookmark - I think!!!!

I've finished this sample but I think it looks better in the picture than in 'real life'! May play with this a lot more before I 'launch' it on my web site. All comments for improvements are welcome!!! Brain's gone to sleep on this!!! I shall also make it into and edging with corners when I next get 'inspired'. If anybody comments on this would they please also email me privately so that I can reply!!!

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Tattycat said...

Jane, this bookmark is so beautiful! I've been tatting, (self-taught), since 2000, but still have trouble with some of the extra tricks. I'd love to learn more so I could make anything I want to. Guess if I taught myself to tat, I just need to concentrate on instructions in some of my books, like Georgia Seitz's. Anyway, love your tatting!


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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