29 October 2006

Gone Fishing!!

I was also asked by the same lady to make her three pairs of fish earrings. I immediately thought of Martha Ess's dear little fish in New Critters on the Block but found that once made it was too big for an earring. Then I decided that I was just being downright lazy and that I should make one of my own. The first picture below is the progression of how the fish developed on Friday (after the booties were finished!).
The next picture is Saturday's progression and the third is the finished results. I used a no. 20 thread with a sparkly filament added and tiny seed beads for the fins and tail. The eye is a slightly larger bead.


Tatskool said...

How do you do it!!! Once again you have managed to make an itty bitty thing that has the essence of a fish and a bit of fun too. Truly you are a tatting genius!!

Anonymous said...

I like the fishy with top ring fin with the picot bent it reminds me of a dolphin. Aww soo cute.

Needledreams said...

The fishies are so cute!!! They kinda remind me of the Betas. My mom love Betas.

This is a design that can have tons of variations. Really cool!

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Happy Beaks
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