14 November 2006

Eye, eye!!

It must have been two months ago that I made a new shopping bag for myself. As I live in the centre of town I do lots of 'on the hoof' shopping so to help save the environment from the relentless plastic carriers, I take a bag with me. Anyway, fabric was bought (denim), bag made and tat was the end of tat!!! I wanted to decorate it with tatting but didn't quite know what. I then had the idea of doing and eye, heart, 2 and then the letters T A T. Having spent the last month completing orders for customers and selling other bits and pieces on ebay the project has been on 'hold'. Now I'm back onto it. The eye beneath is almost sorted (probably need to sort the sides a bit). Perhaps a few beads here and there in the green and the white parts to make Irish eyes. Will explore further when the muse takes over again!! I used the small shuttle shaped motif that is here http://www.ringoftatters.org.uk/patterns/janeshuttle/janeshuttle.html and then had to start again from scratch!!! Don't worry - I know my eyelashes need trimming but I didn't finish until late last night!!!


Janet Perkins said...

eye love it!!!!

Mark, aka Tatman said...

TOO COOL!!!!! Now there is physical evidence of me mums "ever watchful eye" YIKES!!!!!! Better behave meself LOL!


Eva S said...

This is great. I need it on my back to keep an eye on the children at work.
Eva in the very south of Sweden

Anonymous said...

now if 'eye' could put them on hair clips, 'eye' would really have "eyes on the back of my head."
They are really great......are you going to share the pattern, or even sell it to us? I think this will be a great pattern for all of us tatters.

Tattycat said...

Oh, too cute! Everyone is right - we really can have eyes in the back of our heads! I hope we will be able to access this pattern, either through sharing or purchase. The 'eyes' have it! Another great job.

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