9 November 2006

Ta de dah - t'is done!

The dolphin is sorted!! I shall work a final one this afternoon or evening just to check my text and then he'll be ready for the great big cyber sea. In fact the split chains work well but can be omitted by cowards! In this final version I've altered the beak once more (just the odd ds here and there) to make it less swordfishy!! Hopefully over the next few days I will get the chance to do a final tat of the starfish and then with the new small fish the three can be launched into cyberspace. Next project? Hmmmmm - finish my Secret Santa and get it photographed and packed ready for mailing.


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

The dolphin is so realistic. You did an outstanding job! I really enjoy watching the progress of your work. Thanks so much for sharing.

Tattycat said...

My, you have been busy! I love the dolphin. However, since I'm one of those chickens, cluck, cluck, cluck!!! Just kidding. I'll learn split chains one day.! I agree with Carol, it has been fun watching the progress of your dolphin.

Tatskool said...

I was fascinated by the thought process/progress of your dolphin.

Like all your finished designs he looks so obviously right that I can't believe he wasn't always around.

Is there anything you couldn't tat!!
You are unstoppable and obviously on a roll. Holding my breath for the next animal to fall out of your shuttle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!
Thankyou for stopping by my blog, you made my day!! I am, as always in awe of your tatting skills. Great to hear from you. Have a nice trip to the states, or have you been already?
Love from Dawn.

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