25 March 2007

Finished - I think!

I finished off the lilac butterfly from two days ago - miracles do happen!! I used my favourite invisible thread and added beads to the feelers.
I then went back to adding beads to the very long picots which is the second butterfly but I wasn't happy with this either.
The final pink one is my favourite. One less bead on each long picot and that seems to have done the trick.
All I have to do is finish off the drawing, put it all together and it's done! Another one off my list of 'to do's'!!! The hardest part of this design was getting it into my head that the rings were facing outwards and the chains inwards. Don't know why but I just couldn't get it going at first. I struggled with the instructions just after the fourth SR where a chain takes the worker to the lower left wing. This I did about six times just so I could get the SS or RW or whatever right! Just hope it is now!!!


Anonymous said...

Jane, I love your blog! I visit almost every day and am rewarded by watching your lovely work grow.
These butterflies are exquisite. The lightly beaded first one has its own grace and beauty as does the more heavily beaded red one.
Thank you for your treats, Jane!!
Katie Verna

Eva S said...

Great.A spring butterfly.
Greetings from the very south of Sweden and

Nell said...

Jane, the butterfly suncatchers are really pretty! I want to thank you again for the great surprise suncatchers I received during a difficult time! I appreciate it and you are such a fast worker!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love how these are displayed together. Bravo!

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Happy Beaks
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