10 April 2007

New arrival in Tatland

Elaine Law sent a picture of a frog she'd made to go in the Tatbead family's garden so please take a look. Click on the title to take you directly to the tatbead's extended family!!
Oh, there's another mystery here. They all came with me to the Ring of Tatter's stand at the NEC a couple of weeks ago. They came home and were last seen 'lurking' in the middle room. I then realised after a few days that they were no longer there. They've been missing now for a week. I did hear a rumour that they were last seen heading towards Heathrow airport. I can't find their passports either so I''m getting a bit concerned. If ANYBODY knows anything about their whereabouts would they please let me know. I would be grateful of any sightings or any thoughts on where they could be.


Unknown said...

Oh, Jane, it is so hard to keep track of family these days. I think you need to keep them locked up - at least the car keys and passports, maybe their checkbooks and credit cards also. I hope you find them soon. I will keep an eye out, but I am awfully far away.

Jane Eborall said...
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Jane Eborall said...

Well, Melinda, they've taken their passports but I haven't checked on their credit cards etc. I will do that in the morning!!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Perhaps you can post their pictures on the backs of milk cartons.... or send out an "all points bulletin".
What a mystery!
Do you have any cats in the house?

Unknown said...

They did not hitch-hike inside the envelope you sent me......

You may check on the "Bobby" aka police and see if he can put out an all points out for them...


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