28 July 2007

More invisible earrrings!

Here are some more earrings made with the invisible thread. Not the easiest thread to work with but then I do like a challenge!!!
orange ones on the left are 3D and based on a flower idea.
The other pair are using the pattern which can be found as one of my
doodles (f). This time as more of a challenge to myself I added an extra long picot at the base and inside the main long one. I also used invisible (or nearly invisible) beads too!!! In 'real life' this pair are stunning.

One thing I've found with this thread is that it's very strong and however hard I tug on it it's never broken on me. Also it's remarkably easy to undo when you make a mistake - tat's if you can see it, of course!!!
PS I've just looked at the enlarged picture of the earrings on the right and I can see two ends that need 'snipping'!!! Wonder if I'll be able to find them when I get them out and have got my clippers? It's very, very hard to find the ends after you've completed a piece with this thread!!!


Anonymous said...

Jane, gorgeous. How do you get so much done?!!
Were you wearing blue when you took the pic? In the large pic, there's a reflection of blue.
With this invisible thread, you're a hoot of hoots. Can't believe all you do with it.
Sooo looking forward to seeing you at Tat Days.

TATBiT said...

Isn't it amazing that the scanner sees all. I don't see my mistakes until after I've scanned them and posted....you are amazing!

Valerie said...

hi jane

what's this invisible thread you'd used? is it like the nylon fishing line?

very curious.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Valerie
One of the threads just says 'Made in China Transparent nylon'!!! I think that's the one I got from Walmart!! The others are Coats Quilting. One is size .004 and t'other is size .005 although they feel just the same to me. In fact they all feel the same and tat the same!!!!
JaneEb who is now in America looking for more of these threads!!!!

Sharren Morgan said...

What sharp eyes you must have! I had to enlarge the picture to even see one, and never saw the other!

As always, lovely work!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.