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14 September 2007


Another glorious day dawned at White Oaks and I knew that this was going to be a full day!!!
First part was a conference call with Mimi. This is a great opportunity for anybody who isn't in class to 'grab' a teacher for individual help or advice. Actually I've found that this is also a good opportunity for the teacher to learn too!!!
Next was my watering can/wheelbarrow class which I thought wouldn't be too hard to teach. I'd managed to hook up with one student a couple of times before class to teach her the SCMR so everything went swimmingly as far as I could tell! Poor Bonnie who was my assistant in this class didn't manage to come along as she was too busy (she's one of the Palmetto 'gals').
After lunch was the dreaded Red Eyed Tree Frog - double time of three hours. Now I say dreaded as this was the one pattern/lesson I was really worried about! It had taken a long time to design and there were several complications (as I thought) along the way!!!! There was a blackboard in the classroom (actually it was brown!) and chalk which proved useful for this lesson and I will be forever grateful to Katie Verna who was my assistant and who had made two frogs during the previous month or so to test the instructions. Now Katie's two previous attempts at home were great but somehow she 'lost the plot' which resulted in a frog with a front leg which bent downwards - limp wristed! Many giggles resulted from poor Katie's frog. I was extremely pleased to find that several people not only managed the pattern but also completed their frogs. Pheeewwwwwww.
Saturday evening after dinner a lot of us met up for more fun and games. This was huge fun with lots of giggles and some 'cheating' too. Well, I would think that as our team didn't win a thing!!!
There were a few farewells as people headed for home too.


Pamela said...

I am sure that your classes were brill, can't wait to make my own frog now that he has hopped out of his pond, and wheelbarrow and....

I spotted a lovely picture of a scintillating Sid on Celtic Dreamweaver's blog ...and a photo of Jane and Mark tatting away, Jane is wearing the most gorgeous outfit and looks as scintillating as Sid!!

Sewicked said...

the frog does have a couple of tricky (or rather unusual techniques) but he's not really that hard. He looks just adorable. Jane, if you didn't get the picture of all the frogs completed in class, let me know & I'll email it to you once I've unloaded my camera.

Sewicked said...

btw, I found some interesting eye beads. I'm just uncertain about the size.
but here's the source (Oriental Trading Company)

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Happy Beaks
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