30 October 2007

Finally the bag is finished!

On Sunday I listed some more Aero shuttles on ebay - I was lucky enough to come across some more.
I also
stuck animals all over the bag. I think it's finished although there is still room for more critters on it. I feel that if I add more then it will be too overpowering!!!
Here is the front.

This is another view of the front looking down onto it.

Next are the two sides.

This is the top at the back which is wider than the front. Yes, tat is a deliberate design feature.

Finally and because I just can't resist a bit of a giggle there's the back!!! Thank you Martha for this pattern and all the others of yours (mainly from New Critters on the Block) which you know is one of my favourites. Hidden because I can show it for a giggle to stop people getting tooooo sentimental over the bag!!!


Toptattyhead said...

What a stylish and useful looking back this is, Jane, the tatted motifs are a real eye-catcher. I bet they cause no end of comments from Joe Public!
Do you make the basic bag to sell? I would certainly buy one and put my own motifs on. I also use a very good glue called Aleene's Floral Glue (USA), for a quicker hold they suggest that you freeze it for 30 minutes.
Good luck with all your goodies on Ebay - looove the Christmas tree earrings!

Tatskool said...

Gosh! All I can say is........goshhhhhh!

TATBiT said...

Very cool! Love the mermaid and fish. They swam and they swam!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would buy a bag to decorate too! It would be perfect for school... the kids are always asking what books are in my tote... another way to encourage them to read!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

This is more fabulous than even I imagined it would be.

Tattycat said...

Wow! I love it. What a treasure and a great advertisement for tatting! You better not take your eyes off it when you are out. It might walk away!

Unknown said...

grat looking bag... you are so clever....

Love susan

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Happy Beaks
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