18 October 2007

Off the subject!

During our tidying up session the other day I came across this. It's a Teneriffe wheel. It's made of brass and says 'Briggs patent' on it.
I have a book on how to do Teneriffe lace and actually saw an old lady making it half way up Mount Teide which is the highest mountain in Spain and on the island of Teneriffe. The old lady was sitting outside her house at the roadside and I was able to persuade the people I was with to stop so I could see how she was doing it. She appeared to be using a small, very old padded 'pillow', shaped like a mushroom.
When we got to the end of the road I walked to the top of Mount Teide - quite a struggle. The mountain is a volcano and this was many years ago - I was aged 46!!.
Question is - do I take up Teneriffe lace now and abandon tatting? Hmmm, I think not but I may have a dabble sometime now I've found this wheel.
I have many books on all types of lace which I collected during my working years. The reason for this was so that I'd be able to learn them when I retired!!! Now, where's the time I need to do this?!?!?


Anonymous said...

By all means!!! Do some teneriffe! I know you will like it and I don't think your tatting will get too jealous. Just be sure to take time out to pass the shuttle once in a while ;) Teneriffe and other needlearts go nicely with tatting...or vice versa. Combine them to make a unique creation :)

Gina said...

LOL! I feel your pain! I've dabbled in it a bit, would love to do more, but WHEN???? It's very nice combined with tatting too, so I think you'll have lots of creative fun with it.

:-) Gina

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I long for the day... Just as you're looking for more time, here I am to TAG you with a Meme! Check out my post to learn more...

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Janey oh Janey, I think Teneriffe and tatting would be really nice together. I have an antique Teneriffe 3 different wheel size set that I bought not in Plymouth, Mass.,but actually bought in Plymouth, England in an antique store. The set even has its original instructions with it circa 1901. The set is call Vicars Lace Tablets and still has all of its pins going around the outside. I also have a brass one where when you turn the knob in the center all the pins jet out from inside to the outside edge of the wheel. I have done some teneriffe in the past and I do have a couple books on it. I really like doing it. Wish I had more time in the day to do everything that I enjoy doing. Sometime if you like I could put a picture of my teneriffe that I have made and a picture of my wheels that I have.
So Janey, Oh Janey...are you really going to marry the two techniques. I bet you could make a beautiful snowflake.
This post writing is not as good as the one I wrote last evening that got hyjack by some saucer in cyberspace. LOL

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