13 November 2007

I fell out with somebody yesterday

Yes, I did. BIG time. I was SO angry that steam was coming out of my head. I ranted and raved for the whole of ten minutes and then looked to sort the problem out. No way could I do that so that was the end of that relationship. Who did I fall out with? The easiest person in the world to argue and get angry with. Myself. My own silly, silly self!!!!
Now to explain why! I saw on HBT that there was a discussion going on about Rubi threads so remembered that I'd got two balls which I'd been given at the Palmetto tat days. Out they came. I was so busy concentrating on how I felt about them (and for once sort of watching telly) that I went wrong. Unfortunately it wasn't until yesterday afternoon when I thought I'd finish the motif off that I realised that I'd made a mistake in the first round. Boy, was I cross with myself!!!
Anyway, what do I think of the Rubi threads? LOVE the colours but don't like the thread. Marginally, (only marginally!) better than perle but that's all. Such a shame they're not a tighter twist. The one I fell out with is the first one and after I'd got over my dissapointment I made two others. Same colours but different ways round!!!!


Anonymous said...

I always cuss myself out and argue with me worst half when I make mistakes! It is better than arguing with someone else, because they argue back and the result can be permanent ;) Hope you make up with yourself and get on with tatting.

Ridgewoman said...

Ahh Jane - I shall just wait 'till July to order Christmas Tree earrings. LOL I was very interested in what you said about the RUBI thread - as I ordered some on e-bay; to share with friends who had inquired. I was thinking that 2 ply would be pretty soft.
LOL had to smile, I did the same thing (made a mistake too far in) on a Weidmann design motif - but saved the 3" bit for the denim bag design. It is some balm to know that even my inspiration has 'those' days, when focus is lost.
Have a happy holiday.

BJ in sunny NM

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Happy Beaks
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