31 January 2008

Barbara wrote during the TIAS.

I really LOVE the notational convention you have invented to distinguish back-side instructions from front-side instructions!! I am one of those older traditional tatters who completely quit tatting for 25+ years and "awoke" suddenly in 2006 to find the tatting world a new and wonderful place replete with split rings, split chains, front-side/back-side tatting and such. I find myself going through patterns and writing "F" or "B" in front of every line because I am now trying to achieve the consistent-front-side look. Your notation allows the pattern-writer to provide this very helpful information without adding to the length of the patterns. Ingenious!!!

I am wondering if anybody has any further suggestions on this type of notation. Are there better or alternative ways to do it? Do we need it, even? All comments gratefully received either in the comments on this blog or as an email to my regular email address.


wickedtats said...

when i first learnt to tat, my teacher taught me the difference between F and B tatting. It does make a difference especially with the larger aptterns like doilies. However most patterns don't differentiate and it gets quite confusing and extremely saddenign when there's only 1 row that done wrongly- I thank Ms Eborall for her extra effort in differentiating!

Tattycat said...

Jane, I am glad that you posted this. It reminded me that I did not tell you how much your notations helped me with the back-side front-side instructions. It was great! I think this is a perfect way to highlight it and yes, we do need it. In fact, I need to do more of my tatting this way. It looks so nice. Thanks for all that you do.

Maureen said...

I have to admit that I don't 'do" frontside/backside! - heresy perhaps, but I can always tell which way is up, at least on the rings, it's very obvious to me.
Perhaps I ought to try it, I have always found your patterns VERY clear, so I don't think it would frighten me too much to experiment!
I can't wait to start tatting again, we move into our brand new house on Tuesday, and I am already planning an old-fashioned doily set for the lovely new "old fashioned" dressing table we have ordered!
Sometimes a little bit of nostaligia is a good thing, and on the doilies I am going to put my mother's crystal and silver dressing table items which have been in storage for so many years.

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