16 February 2008

Sally's Angel - Eureka!!!

I think it's finished. Well, apart from more testing and tweaking. I've only shown a few of the trials I've done of this but it's been a nightmare. Finally I started in another place to get this one!!! Sally suggested that the wings coming out by the neck were probably half the problem!! SO right. This meant a whole re-write. Thank goodness for copy and paste in word processing and a long cold day here in the UK!!!
I've only roughly tied her into the bangle but I'm so much happier with her. Not sure whether to do the wings differently. Again Sally and I discussed whether to make them rings and chains. I may try that as an 'alternative' idea although I do love the effect of these lock stitch chains in two colours.
Oh, I also left off the fingers too on this one!!
I've scanned her twice so that if you look at her carefully you'll be able to see all the little faults that may need correcting. I'm not sure about the halo either. Should it be bigger/smaller, come from another place or what?


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Sally's angel is beautiful! I like the halo as it is, but I'm sure I'll like it if you change it too!

Clyde said...

Hi Jane, I see big improvements and the angel is looking good. The only suggestion I would have is could the bead eyes be brought closer together say on a picot. Just a thought

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Clyde. I tried that in the beginning and she/he just looked cross eyed!!! That's my favourite way to do eyes but it just didna seem to work on this one!!!

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