21 March 2008

Diane's TIAS and further ramblings!

Well I've finished the TIAS along with lots of othern people too!!! I enjoyed doing this a lot.
Now I have an announcement to make. I have decided to give up tatting for a while.
I collected lots of books while I was working so that I'd have 'something to do' when I retired. Books on all sorts of crafts and now that I've been 'retired' for quite a few years I'm going to start looking at them and doing something else for a change. Not sure quite what just yet but a return to hand sewn patchwork is probably the first stop.

SueH sent me some lovely 'fat quarters' a few weeks ago and my fingers have been itching since to do some sewing since they arrived. Problem is that the templates that I really want to use have 'gone missing'. Either that or I've been robbed again!!
Since starting this post yesterday I found a new packet of unopened templates that I bought when a local shop was closing down about thirty to forty years ago. There is a diamond, a square and a triangle in the packet so that's what I'm going to use. The hexagon template (which is missing) is probably too small for me until my new specs are ready. It's only 3/4" in diameter.

I know what I'm like - as soon as I get started on this new project I'll think of some tatting that 'needs doing'!!! I'll post as I go along on this so the blog won't be quiet!! I wonder whether this will come under the 'nothing much else' remit as in the title of the blog???!!!!


Pattyjo said...

Your tatted tulip is gorgeous!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Say it isn't so! Giving up tatting for something else? Quilting? Oh, wait... I seem to have a crazy quilt square on my blog, so I guess I have no room to talk. Have fun, and please show us what you make!

Tattycat said...

You're doing what? I don't believe a word of it. Thank goodness you put the bit at the end about tatting that needs doing! You gave me a fright.

Marty said...

But, but, but... what is there to say? I hope there'll be some tatting that needs doing, but I'm interested in seeing the patchwork, too!

Gina said...

I have a sneakin' suspicion tatting will somehow get involved with this. :-) I have to take little forays off to the side too now and then and sewing has been calling my name too. Plus I really do have to finish a quilt!
:-) Gina

Tatman said...

I get fits like this too. I get bored with certain ideas and crafts and just move on to something else. Hence why I have a lot of UFOs!!!! I like tatting, but recently I have been trying to devour my love of bobbinlace. Especially since my BL teacher just recently passed away and I want to continue with my lace training. So I completely understand. You know where your shuttles are when you want to pick them up. I am sure you will get back to tatting in whatever project you do. I DO!!!

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