6 March 2008

Happy Beaks!

OK, hold on to your hats - here is the biggie that's kept me quiet for so long.

I have been asked on numerous occasions by many people (including him wot must be obeyed) if I could do a penguin. You'll see why I've taken such a long time over this. 8 different penguins!! The collective nouns for penguins are so many (parcel, rookery, creche, huddle or colony) that I couldn't decide what to call this 'lot'. In the end I decided to call them 'Happy Beaks'. Well we've all heard of feet being happy, haven't we?

I started on the front facing penguin (large) and then decided I needed a small one. Trouble was that they needed to be able to 'look' at each other. I did these and then it was a natural progression to 'need' to do the large and small ones facing the other way! Duh, what a hassle!!!

During my searches of google images I found the sideways facing penguins were interesting but also complicated. The white and black fascinated me as it would be a challenge to use them in the 'right' amount and places with as few starts and stops as possible (well, you know how I hate finishing off ends!). Again, having done the large ones the challenge to do the small ones continued. I will admit that the final penguin (the small one facing sideways and to the left) proved to be the hardest. I think that's because I was really fed up with them all by then.

Finally mounting them all. Another story.

In our smallish town there is still a store which sells fabric. A family run concern which caters for the 'up market' people in the area. I have very little luck there when it comes to haberdashery or fabric. Still, on Tuesday morning I wandered in there on the 'off chance' that I just might find the right coloured fabric for the penguins. Imagine my surprise when on the top of the remnant bin I found the two colours and weights of fabric I needed. YIPEEEEE.

The patterns for all these penguins can be found from my home page.

First of all here they all are out and about in the snow with the stars twinkling.

Here are the two adult penguins who's bodies are facing forwards but with faces looking to the left or right.

Next are their two babies (I think they belong to those adults - but maybe I'm wrong!).

Next are the sideways facing ones. These are the adults.

Finally there are two small penguins which also face sideways!

Many thanks to Sharren Morgan for test tatting the first 'batch' - she happened to mention she liked penguins and asked if I'd thought of doing one while we were 'chatting' one day!!! As I was in the doldrums of designing this pattern she got 'chosen' to help!!!


Tatskool said...

WOW, GOSH, GOLLY, oh my goodness!!!
I am absolutely blown away.

8 different penguins, what more could anyone ask for....except now we know what you are capable of, maybe 8 kangaroos,8 giraffes, not to mention 8 geckos!!!!

Well ok you can have a break first!!

What a feat. 'Thank yous' will never be enough

Toptattyhead said...

Happy Beaks are a lovely family. Do they argue much?

Bonnie said...

Wow have you been busy. They are wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for so willingly sharing your patterns with us all.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the patterns Jane. They are absolutely adorable.

Gina said...

OH me too! Me too! I LOVE penguins. In fact, I have a penguin paperweight staring at me right now! This is the best rendition of penguins I've seen so far. I haven't made any of the others because they weren't quite how I visualized them but you've done the job in a most excellent manner! Worth the wait!!!
:-) gina

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I LOVE penguins! These are absolutely fantastic! Wonderful job!

connie said...

i'm glad you made an even number i'm sure u know that penguins have a bestfriend for life but i think they need some seal friends truly i do (hint hint)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, NO, not a seal - I'll see what I can do 'one day'!!!!!

Tattycat said...

You are without a doubt the most clever woman I have ever encountered, but then we all knew that! I love them.

Marty said...

They're wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! My neices are soooo going to want penguins when they see these patterns.

Marilee Rockley said...

These are sooo cute!!! The proportions are perfect - bravo!

Iris Niebach said...

Dear Jane, those penguins are incredibly realistic. You are great,

Ginger said...

JANE I LOVE YOU!!! My oldest is absolutely MAD about penguins and I've been having a tough time finding "cute" stuff (for me) with a "serious" side (for him) .... I absolutely adore these ... cant wait to incorporate them into a doily for his 'hope' chest ... well, really for whoever he ends up marrying, and hopefully moving to their own place ... LOL.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

The penguins are fantastic. I love the whole family of them and how you displayed them. Can't wait to make some. Katrina loves penguins. I made Pam Palmer's penguin and framed it, she has it in her room. So these will make a nice addition to her penguin collection. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful patterns.

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Happy Beaks
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